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Food and Murder

May 12th, 2010 at 05:25 pm

There's something appetizing about a great murder mystery when the protagonist has something to do with food. I know I like it when I can sink my teeth into a fabulous murder mystery (I know, I should be sorry about the pun, but I’m not, so get over it!).

I have become a great fan of Diana Mott Davidson. Her main character is Goldy, who runs Goldilocks Catering – where everything is just right. I love reading how she walks into her walk in freezer and plucks this and that out of it and makes her fabulous dish.

Then there’s Joanie Fluke. Her main character is Hannah who runs a cookie shop in Minnesota called…The Cookie Jar. No, I don’t make this stuff up. But it’s fun reading the stories and how these gals get themselves into trouble and bake themselves out of it.

I just finished a new book called a Slice of Murder and the main character, Eleanor, runs a pizzeria. She delivers a pizza and finds a corpse. She and her sister have to solve the murder mystery because otherwise Eleanor is the main suspect.

All are good fiction and all have good recipes…maybe not so good to die for, but interesting nonetheless.

Besides the good food and the love of cooking, all these ladies are interesting and likeable characters. They are a down home kind of gals except for their little quirk of finding bodies. Dead bodies. And they have to cook for this and that ans solve the mystery besides. Talk about multi-tasking supreme!

I enjoy reading the mysteries, but I think if I were going to give a dinner party, these gals wouldn’t be on my guest list. With their talent for finding dead bodies I’m not sure it would be good company. Not to mention finding it difficult to make a seating chart with folks dropping like flies. And, I certainly wouldn’t want to have a reputation of having a recipe for murder. Bon appetit’.

1 Responses to “Food and Murder”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I listened to the first of the Goldy novels on tape and liked it. Just never got the chance to read the 2nd book - thanks for reminding me!

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