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Planning ahead for next week

May 14th, 2010 at 06:09 pm

I’m always interested in saving a little moolah here and there and assume if you are at this site, you are as well.

I get ready to start my grocery list for next week and my menu for the meals. We have 7 more school days which means I still need to plan a few more casseroles. I am, however, looking forward to making some other items since I will have time to cook things that are not casseroles. Don’t get me wrong, I like casseroles, but sometimes it’s nice to have other things.

My husband has been quite a gardener when it comes to vegetables. He always has had a green thumb, but claimed he couldn’t grow vegetables. But, three years ago he tried tomatoes and was a success. Last year it was green onions, tomatoes, a few green beans, and herbs. This year he branched out to radishes and green peppers and a few more herbs. Many of these are in pots. The rest are in a very small space in our front yard because our backyard is way too shady. We laugh about the convenience of going to the front yard and pulling a few onions and radishes and getting some herbs to cook with. I guess people are growing their own food to save money. That is part of it with us – fresh vegetables and herbs are expensive. But there’s nothing like the taste of something homegrown. He’s all excited because his green beans are popping up. He has even resorted to talking to his tomato plants. I’m not real sure if they are listening because I think he’s sort of threatening them. But, if they produce like their “forefathers” did last year, we’ll be happy campers with a healthy diet. Not to mention saving some money!

2 Responses to “Planning ahead for next week”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    i tend to kill most things i attempt to grow, (i managed to kill mint a few months ago...) but I've posted a few entries about my gardening adventures. my laziness works against me: i forget that you can't just plant something and then expect it to produce food, you actually have to fertilise it, water it, care for it etc. anyway, regardless, after a few attempts i'm getting there also! Big Grin

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Good for you, Whitestripe! DH is very particular about his plants so that's good for us.

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