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Is it a girl thing?

May 25th, 2010 at 11:31 pm

This may be a girl thing. But then again, maybe not. I imagine some men are the same way.

What am I talking about? I’m writing about the concept of “Food is Love.” I really enjoy treating my husband to a meal I know he will like. I get the same pleasure of doing the same for my friends. My baking banana bread is also to give away. I like doing it because people seem to like getting it. When I baked bread with some students at my school, they loved the experience and really loved eating the bread. It was a nice time all around.

A lot of the time when I would bake bread at school in bread machines, people would stop by my room just for a sniff. With that whiff came a recollection of someone baking in their lives and they shared it. And it was a good memory that brought some joy to their faces. Again, “food is love” rang true.

So, maybe it’s the maternal part of me that loves to cook and share, or maybe it’s just a vital part that likes to love on someone with some edibles. I think men may have the same feeling so I don’t want to say it’s only a girl thing.

But it is, wouldn’t you agree, a good thing?

4 Responses to “Is it a girl thing?”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    It is a good thing. Today I made two pans of taco meat, a crockpot of chili con carne and tomorrow another crockpot of chili and Mexican rice. I also ordered 120 empanadas (meat filled pasties) and 120 bunuelos (bite size cheese balls) and 5 Colombian sweet breads (filled with guava and cheese). Why so much food? The World Languages Department in the school district I work for will be having our annual French and Spanish village. The villages are interactive activities geared towards cultural awareness and students get to practice the targeted language. It should be fun!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    So, uh, got twin sister who is single? Big Grin

  3. nmboone Says:

    I never really got into cooking. I'm always really hungry when I do it and it just makes me mad that it takes so long. That's why I love fast food.

  4. Miclason Says:

    oooohhhh, food is definetely love at our house!

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