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June 25th, 2015 at 11:45 pm

Since the start of 2015, I have tried to keep track of what I'm reading bookwise. I finished #40 this afternoon called, "Nice Girls Don't Get Rich." It was nonfiction and it is spot on about how many times women don't pursue jobs because they want to be in helping careers, and unfortunately these careers are lower paying. It also talked about how women don't want to feel they are entitled to money. I am not sure, but I think this author is probably a baby boomer because a lot of what she wrote certainly hit home for me. She cited 75 mistakes women make when it comes to money...saving instead of investing...not saving...counting on prince charming to help them live happily every after. It had some sound and practical advice as well.

One of the comments she made was when girls are growing up, there used to be a mindset that girls are not good in math. I wanted to shout, "How True!" because that is how I grew up. I was told I was dumb in math. I think if someone had fostered a more positive view, I might have had more confidence.

Lois Frankel is the author and it is a quick and easy read on a general topic.

Busy, busy, and a question

June 22nd, 2015 at 09:48 pm

The last couple of weeks have been very busy. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal and then took a trip to Door County as part of our anniversary celebration and our vacation.

Before we left, I received an official notice from the city claiming I had a weed violation on a house I do not own. It belonged to a late half brother...someone I did not associate with.I called the day I received the notice and was told she would check into it. I called back two days later, and she said she would check into it. It has taken many phone calls and gnashing of teeth to try and get this figured out. The first person who was in charge of the "research" claimed the property was my problem because my name was on the water bill. That scared me because I should not have been on the water bill. I called the city about that, and that wasn't true. Then I was told my name was on the deed. I called the supervisor of assessments, and no, that wasn't the case either. So I called the original person back and was told that the house was deeded to me due to a will. I asked how to check on that, and there was a will, but it was my father's, not the half brother's. They had similar names, but my father died before this house was purchased. This person said she would check into it. This was a mix up because of the similarity of the names. Well, over a week later, she apparently was too busy and figured I was trying to get out of paying, because I receive a registered letter from the city claiming I owe them money and will have to go to court. I have a friend who works for the city in a different department so I asked him to whom I should speak. He gave me the name of the city attorney. I spoke with him this morning and he understands the mix up and said he would dismiss it. Talk about stress! I hope this is the end of it. I understand the city wants the property taken care of, but this is an issue of the late half-brother's family. He has full siblings and three children.

Anyway, I pulled up one of my credit reports wondering if my name had been used for different accounts, and then wondered if I should be looking into Lifelock. Anyone have anything to say yay or nay?

Eight Cents

June 5th, 2015 at 07:56 pm

A number of years ago I found a blue colander at a garage sale...enameled, nice size...very handy. Somewhere along the way a screw came loose on a handle and it was lost. I decided that when we were out and about, I would take it to a local Ace Hardware store because it is a small store and the gentlemen have always been very helpful.

We waited for help as he helped someone else, and I showed him the colander and explained I needed something that would fix it...he searched and found something he thought would work and it was... 8 cents. We also bought an end cap for the wagon wheel for the little wagon DH uses to haul stuff around the yard. Even with that, it was $2, far cheaper than buying new.

In other news, we have been saving change for the past year. DH more than I because I rarely buy things with cash -- he pays for stuff when we go out with cash, and I use the credit card for groceries and clothes and pay it off every month. But, when I do have extra change I throw it in. We had three pickle jars -- one was small and the other a little larger...$179 and some odd cents. We deposited it in the bank yesterday as part of our vacation fund.

I'm happy the handle is back on. DH will be happy to have the wheel working again. Plus we are looking forward to a nice vacation.