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Why doesn't that maid ever show up?

December 27th, 2015 at 10:14 pm

Another weekend and another time the maid didn't show up! Of course she didn't...we don't have a maid. But a gal can dream, right?

We took down our Christmas decorations and put things away yesterday. After church and brunch today, we went to work of cleaning house. I think the house looks bigger after we put away our decorations. I usually put some things away when I set Christmas stuff out. Then when we put away the Christmas decorations, I pull out some of the stuff and it is like having something new. I know, I'm weird.

We had a small ham for Christmas dinner and supper. Today it made an appearance chopped up in scrambled eggs for brunch and tonight, hopefully it will have its final and encore performance in sandwiches. I'm not a huge ham lover -- I can eat it and enjoy it the first time or two. But, I tire of it easily, yet I am too frugal to throw it away. I've tried freezing it before and it was OK in ham and beans, but nothing to write home about.

We had a delightful Christmas and like so many of you, everything was paid for in cash. Well, sort of. I did put some things on my Discover card to get the extra cash back, but paid it off when the bill came.

Yesterday supposedly was to be a big shopping day. We didn't participate and help the economy. There really isn't anything we needed. DH picked out what he wanted for Christmas and I picked out some of what I wanted and he chose well for the rest. I'm indeed blessed.

The countdown continues for retirement. I have 95 school days left barring any snow days. Part of me is very excited and part of me is scared. My pension will be smaller than my current salary. I am not eligible for Social Security since I am a teacher in Illinois. I keep telling myself that with no outstanding debt and the fact we are careful with our money, there shouldn't be any problems.

I do have a question though. I plan to retire in May. Do I have to fully fund my Roth IRA before I retire, or do I have the rest of the year to fund it?

Hope you all have a wonderful prosperous new year!