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Sweaty Saturday

May 12th, 2018 at 08:06 pm

Not much to update. I've been busy, but nothing really super exciting. We did go on a bus trip to see "Phantom of the Opera" last week. One of the churches put it together so it was more reasonable. We had a lovely time and it was a nice day for the trip.

DH is currently planting tomatoes and some herbs. He couldn't find decent plants for bell peppers so that will be another day. I took my knitting loom to knit a hat on the bus, but I dropped the bag and broke a peg off. I have glued it back on, but yesterday at a thrift store, I found a bag with three different sized looms in them so we bought them. I am using the new loom while I make sure the glue is dry on my old one. So far we have 406 hats made and we meet this week so I imagine the number will go up.

I bought some fresh green beans on sale at the store. I need to clean and snap them. We don't have enough garden space to plant green beans. I hope to can some of them. I like finding them on sale.

I cleaned out the shed today. DH is a wonderful guy, but tidiness is not one of his virtues. I got rid of some things that should have been thrown away and I found a piece of the mower we gave to a guy a week or so ago so I walked it over to his house.

It is in the upper 80s here, very humid, and DH and I are both sweating. No glowing, truly sweating. A few years ago we were out with another couple and it was in the 90s and we were walking round. She said she didn't want to get hot and of course we were out of town and looking around, so I wanted to see what we could see. She informed me she didn't want to be around people who sweat, and I should as a lady, tell myself not to sweat. Really?

Ever since then I've been even more self conscious about my sweating. I grew up and we didn't have air conditioning so there were some pretty hot days and nights. I always cleaned up and had clean clothes, and used deodorant.

So, today both of us are really perspiring. One of the doctors on PBS was saying it was good to sweat to get the toxins out. I informed DH i should be toxin free and he said, "me too!"

Guess I better go get busy. I took a short break to hydrate. Now back to sweating.

New author, new bling

May 1st, 2018 at 07:49 pm

Recently I discovered an author new to me. Her name is Betty Hechtman and she writes cozy mysteries with characters who crochet. There's usually a pretty good twist to the plot and the characters are both believable and likable so I'm enjoying reading through this series.

I read about one of the characters crocheting a granny square bracelet and I then researched it online. Sure enough, there are patterns to make these bracelets so I made one for myself the other night just for fun. I already had the crochet thread so I thought it would make a nice little activity. I then looked on Etsy to see if there were any there and didn't see any, so either they aren't a big hit or maybe something new to hit the scene. I'm curious if people would purchase these at our church bazaar so hopefully you will give me some input. I don't imagine they would go for more than a buck or two, but I have lots of different colors of crochet thread so other than my work, it wouldn't cost me anything to make them.