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Busy few weeks

September 27th, 2015 at 07:12 pm

School has kept me very busy. We had assessments and deadlines to hit. Of course with that comes stress and as I call it, "woman drama." One unfortunate thing about working in a profession of mostly women is we sometimes don't get along and tend to hold grudges. Sometimes I need a score card to keep up with who isn't getting along.

We've had some things break around here. Yesterday we purchased new heads for DH's shaver and wouldn't you know it after we put them in, his first attempt to use it, another part broke. I pulled a drawer out on our Hoosier cabinet Friday and the front of the drawer separated and splintered from the drawer. And the list goes on. Nothing major, but annoying.

Today is DH's birthday. We actually celebrated last night with dinner out and a movie. DH had a gift certificate for a local theatre and we used it, plus he had the senior discount. We saw "The Intern" and it brought up some thoughts.

I don't want to ruin it for anyone who wants to watch it, but what I will write about one can see on the trailer. A 70 year old becomes an intern for an up and coming business and sticks out with his suit and manners and work ethic. Although it was written to be humorous for the movie, I think it has become a sad commentary on many work places.

I work in an educational setting. I remember my teachers being dressed nicely and acting professionally. I have tried to dress decently and act like I have some sense. But, I'm not seeing that as much anymore. And it isn't just an age thing. I'm seeing teachers who look like they threw on what they are wearing from the laundry basket. A work ethic is non-existent, and anything goes when it comes to conversation. I admit I have a potty mouth at times, but never at school or at church. I try to act like I have some sense most of the time. I try to give my employer my best work and often "donate" time (I don't get paid by the hour) to get things accomplished. It is just discouraging.

Back to better things. I baked a cake for DH's birthday and made soup for our supper. DH loves soup so that was a win and he certainly loves cake. I'm blessed to have a wonderful spouse and a nice home. So, instead of grousing, I should be thinking how fortunate I am. And being busy shows I have something to do.


September 7th, 2015 at 09:35 pm

Years ago my folks bought a small grocery store building. This was in the early 1960s when little neighborhood stores were still going. My dad had the dream of opening a used furniture store in addition to his full time job of working for the Coca-Cola plant. I was three years old when they bought the building. We lived in the apartment above the store. My parents worked very hard and when I was old enough, I helped out too. Even as a small child I learned to sweep floors and dust furniture.

Because of the Labor Day parade and a train blocking a crossing, we had to venture into this neighborhood. There stands the old store building. It is empty. Kind of sad and forlorn, really. The neighborhood was kind of sketchy when we moved out in 1972 and it has gotten far worse. The apartment house next to the store building was bulldozed a number of years ago so there sits a vacant lot. The house across the street has also been bulldozed; the space if vacant. I was telling DH about both sets of neighbors when I was growing up. The couple who lived across the street was always cleaning. I bet you could have eaten off her front porch. He was meticulous cutting his yard even if it was tiny. The owner of the apartment house (there were 4 apartments) planted geraniums in the window boxes, changed storm windows and screens every spring and fall, and kept things very tidy. Now both places are gone and what is left is a shadow of its former glory.

I know there's a saying about "you can't go home again" and in some cases it is true. I'm not sure I would feel safe even walking around the block now. In this case change isn't good. But it is change.

Thinking back on these neighbors does give me a warm feeling -- one lady was like a mom to me and taught me many things including how to cook and clean. I learned by example from these neighbors how important it was to cherish what you have and take care of it. So, in this instance, I would say change was good.

It's Easier to Complain

September 6th, 2015 at 09:54 pm

It is easier to complain than to do something.

OK, that isn't a novel idea, is it? Personally, I'm just about fed up with the whining and complaining of some of the people who call themselves friends. Maybe it is because I'm just tired. Between work and home, I've been very busy and with the extreme hot temperatures, my patience is thin.

Every time we see one couple, they have to go into great detail about their illnesses. Even when we receive an email it is a laundry list of this and that. The gentleman tends to exaggerate his is like when he is tested for cancer, he wants to have cancer. If a doctor says something could turn into cancer, he brags he is a cancer survivor. I think it is ridiculous; we have friends who are cancer survivors who fought bravely and some lost the battle. I think his is more attention seeking. As we age, I know our bodies start breaking down. I am not denying that, but some of the problems they have could be prevented by making other choices. They, of course, do not want to hear that. I wish I could find a nice way to say I don't want graphic details of their health issues. There is another couple we associate with that if she doesn't turn the conversation to how much she hurts, she must consider it a waste of a conversation. I no longer ask these people how they are because I don't want to hear more details than I can handle. Yet they persist in telling me. So, I have the struggle of being a friend and listening yet inside I'm screaming, "Noooo. Don't tell me anymore!"

This is the same with with money issues. One couple always complains they have studied their budget and they need to save money. So, they use coupons when they eat out. Of course they eat out every day. It has gotten to the point it is embarrassing to eat with them because they want to use a coupon and press the server in letting them use it even if they don't follow the standards the coupon states. I don't mind the use of coupons -- I just don't like people to try and cheat by using them. If I suggest they eat at home, I get excuses on why they need to eat out.

We know this other family that is always complaining they need more money -- she left for the weekend to go to a party in Chicago. Meanwhile they need some major home repairs and she will soon be whining about that. Her justification is she needed to get away and be with the girls.

For so many, Facebook has become Whinebook.

OK, rant over. Thanks for reading. sorry I whined.

In other news I have been figuring out new ways to use bell peppers. DH planted just a few plants, but have they gone to town. What a great problem to have, right? Supper tonight is sweet pepper and tomato soup. Last night I made sweet pepper jelly (found the recipe on Pinterest) and we will be having it over cream cheese and having crackers. We have shared some of the peppers with friends too.

My pantry is filling up. I canned one quart and two half pints of tomato juice last night, as well as having some of the juice for our soup tonight. Last weekend I canned 3 quarts of sweet pickles -- I gave one quart to the lady who shared the cucumbers with me.

One of the local stores had quite a flyer out on sale items. We bought quite a few things to stock the pantry on things we normally buy. I spent a couple evenings last week inventorying what I already had and then matching coupons to stuff on sale.

No school tomorrow so that is a wonderful holiday to look forward to. Plus, the stock market won't be open which the way it has been dropping, that might be a good thing.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.