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Lunch Conversations

September 16th, 2010 at 11:24 pm

Currently I work at 4 schools. And every lunch period is different. This is not a judgment, but perception data.

The buildings where the majority of the staff tend to eat what tastes good to them, even if it isn't healthy tends to have more young people on staff.

Then the buildings where the majority of the staff is older are looking at sodium, carbs, and calories.

It's pretty interesting to see what people bring for lunch and then what they have to say about it.

My lunch fare is pretty boring at times...lately it's been a peanut butter and something sandwich. It can be jelly or honey and I even tried Nutella. On days when I can't refrigerate my lunch, I try to take things that won't spoil in an insulated lunch bag. Often times I bring leftovers, but now that hubby is retired, he often gets the leftovers for his lunch.

Some people bring the same thing every day. When I think of how many years my dad took the same thing in his lunch bucket...I don't know how he did it. Maybe he didn't think eating was a big thing...just something to keep going.

I like a little variety...maybe that's why I like studying what people bring to lunch.

What was my lunch you ask? Today it was slices of green bell pepper, a slice of tomato, cottage cheese, applesauce, grapes,and string cheese with a Thermos of water. You see, I'm trying to watch what I eat...I'm one of the oldsters!

2 Responses to “Lunch Conversations”

  1. baselle Says:

    I do the leftovers also. I usually make a few cups of brown rice weekly, spread about 1/2 c on the bottom of a container, add some slices of ham, turkey or leftover roast on top, along with a vegetable, or pickle or kimchi.

    I like the variety, but I also like the convenience of a string - I can make multiple lunches and take them in. Nothing like taking in 3 and knowing you're covered for a few days.

  2. Homebody Says:

    I was lucky when I worked at the hospital. Our little office had a small refrigerator and room for a microwave (which I took in). That way we could have hot lunches of leftovers.

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