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August 11th, 2011 at 12:22 am

Our local gas prices dropped a whole penny overnight. Although oil prices have been going down, our "savings" usually trickles down a penny or two at a time. However, let the news report crude oil barrel prices going up, the hike can be anywhere from 15 to 20 cents a gallon in a matter of hours.

Our local news interviewed some guy at nearby university. He claimed that the reason the prices remain high is because we are using gas made with oil at the older, higher prices, so it takes awhile for the prices to come down. He might be a so called "expert", but my observation skills beg to differ. I have found many of these experts go by what it is supposed to be instead of what really is. Bleah!

Gas prices in Central Illinois range around $3.64...our town is higher than the other two larger towns around us. What are you paying?

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  1. Miz Pat Says:

    $3.59 as of yesterday for cheapest gas - California

  2. PNW Mom Says:

    Here in the NW Oregon area it is running anywhere from the $3.50's to $3.79.

  3. Just Me Says:

    $3.69 in SW Washington State.

  4. Just Me Says:

    $3.69 in SW Washington State. Oh yeah, that's with the local supermarket discount of .l0 cents.

  5. marvholly Says:

    I need to fill up so I just checked gas price buddy:

    My Town 3.92 Mobil
    Near my Dad (8 mi away) 3.89 Mobil
    By DD2 (42 mi away but going there today) 3.79 Speedway

    Unusually, our gas prices have been falling by several cents to a nickel every day for about a week. They usually only change on tanker fill up days.

  6. uRabbit Says:

    Welcome to the World. If there is ever a chance to make a profit, Big Oil will jump on it. If the prices are geared to go down, forget about it. Big Oil's tactic, in fact, is to jack prices up, then let them down maybe 1/4 of what they went up by, leave them there for a week or so, then jack it back up. This is how they have gotten away with raising the prices over 200% in a matter of ten years... We get used to one price, and it suddenly doesn't seem as high anymore when they jack it back up.

    This is the result of not being properly regulated by our so-called representatives, who just-so-happen to have campaign supporters in Big Oil...

  7. Jerry Says:

    We are in SE Europe, so prices are even higher (but we sold our cars when we moved here, so it doesn't lead to immediate alarm for our budget). However, tons of cars here are converted to run on propane or methane, which both burn cleaner than gasoline. Over here, propane is half the cost of gasoline, while methane is even cheaper than that! In fact, unless it is a diesel engine vehicle, you will have a very hard time finding a taxi or fleet vehicle here that is not running on either propane or methane (and they are still able to run on gasoline, as well, nicely enough). Interesting that we don't do anything similar in the States, with all of our wealth and knowledge. It costs several hundred dollars or more to make the switch, but my friends here say that the systems offer some insurance of paying for themselves within a matter of months.

  8. uRabbit Says:

    [remove post]

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