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Lots of spending

April 30th, 2019 at 11:45 am

Every month when we get our pension checks, I put money into different accounts. We have a Christmas Club, a vacation, a savings account, and a Money Market. We have to have the regular savings since it is at a credit union in order to have the other accounts. We use this one for home improvement.

Well, that account just took a hit. But, it was planned and we are pleased we had the money. We purchased a new storm door for our front door. It was a special order and we are more then delighted with it. It was installed last week.

We have a sunroom and we wanted to have vinyl flooring. It had carpeting and it was impossible to keep clean. We had issues finding someone to even come out and measure and consider it. It all happened so fast when we found someone. We went a week ago yesterday and picked out some and the owner of the business came out and measured and called to give us an estimate. We agreed and he said maybe this week or next and we said let us know. Then he called Tuesday night and said they could some Wednesday so we hustled to get everything packed and moved.

Murphy of course had to intervene and when they unrolled the vinyl, it was torn in the middle of the roll. We took a flying trip back to the business and picked out something else and within an hour the installer came and he had it done. I spent the afternoon cleaning windows and dusting things before putting it back. I am more then dpleased and have enjoyed using the room a lot since then.

We will be having some painting done when the weather gets better, but the nice thing is we had the money put back for these expenditures. We have a friend who is constantly running to the bank whenever he wants something because he has no savings. I'd rather save and then go shopping, than have to wait for the bank to tell me if I can afford home improvements.

We've had quite a bit of rain so DH wasn't sure if what he's planted in the garden would come up. So far he has onions and radishes popping up. He's hoping for the lettuce. He is going to wait before planting herbs, tomatoes, and bell peppers. But, I'm already anticipating fresh stuff. It is amazing how a packet of seeds can bring such good stuff like radishes and lettuce. I think it is money well spent.

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