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May 2nd, 2019 at 07:49 am

Yesterday was an expensive day at the grocery stores.

I shop at two: Aldi and Kroger. We also have a Sav-A-Lot and Wal-Mart, but I would prefer not going to Wal-Mart. People tell me that they are cheaper, and perhaps they are, but I call it the "evil empire" because of the way they go into small towns, drive all the other businesses out, and then raise their prices. Now a couple of the small towns where this happened has had them pull out and there is no store there. Plus, a few years ago PBS' Front Line did a show on how Wal-Mart basically tells businesses where they will have factories and how much they will charge. At least they did. So, if I can avoid them, I do.

Anyway, my goal the past couple of months has been to eat what we have in the pantry and freezer. I still have some things in the freezer, but the pantry was starting to get bare as far as crackers and chips. DH wanted a particular type of cracker a couple of months ago and he hasn't touched the box. I don't like them per se, but I opened the box to have some with my sandwich for lunch. Anyway, after I finish this box, we can move on to something else. Perhaps the fact I don't really like them will keep me from overeating. I did stock up on some other crackers and some chips for lunches. I won't open the other boxes of crackers until we finish this one.

Kroger has had fresh green beans on sale for 99 cents a pound. I have been buying some and canning them. DH doesn't have the room to grow green beans, and sadly, the folks who sell them at Farmer's Market are three to four times the price when they are in season. I prefer canning them because I like fixing them without a lot of salt.

Kroger also had apples on sale so I bought a bunch and made applesauce. I realize I spent more than what it would have cost me to buy commercial applesauce, but the brands we can get here, some of the apples come from China. I read a report that says that some of the fruit grown in China is basically grown in sewage. No thanks. I don't add a lot of sugar, but do add some maple syrup right before I put the immersion blender in to give it a nice flavor.

We had some bananas that were beginning to get overripe and they are perfect for banana bread. I made four small loaves. Two went in the freezer. DH loves banana bread and when he came in, he asked if any of it was for him. I told him it was all for him, but two were going in the freezer because he wouldn't be able to eat it all before it would spoil.

We've had so much rain here that the farmers cannot get in the fields. It is getting to the point where they may not be able to plant corn. A couple of days ago our weather man said we are 7 inches above normal and we've received 2 inches of rain since then. Although I'm not thrilled with so much rain, I sure hope come this summer we don't have a drought. I think the farmers can plant soybeans later, but that will probably drive the price of soybeans down if there is a glut in the market.

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