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Reusable and savings

May 26th, 2019 at 12:36 pm

Creditcardfree posted about reusable v. disposable and I thought I'd piggy back on the entry.

I really try to use things that are reusable. I live in Illinois and they are talking about charging for plastic bags at the stores. For years DH and I have used reusable bags. I hate those plastic bags. We still get some from time to time, but whenever I can, I try to use our bags. I know Chicago already charges for them. I wish we hadn't gotten away from paper bags. If I get any, I hoard them to reuse.

One thing I think of is using cloth napkins. I have a selection of them. Most were bought at rummage sales and thrift shops. I have a few that were purchased new...not by me, but DH bought me a set and a friend has as well. I wanted some brown ones and made them out of material to go with some placemats I had.

I go through kitchen towels like crazy. I have some nice ones I try not use unless someone is coming over, but I have some well worn ones I use all the time. DH uses paper towels and although it drives me crazy, he helps clean up, so I don't holler. I pick my battles.

For years I carried my lunch. Actually my whole working life. My last ten years I carried a soft sided insulated cooler. The first one was a present and it was ideal for lunch. But it wore out. I had duct taped it, but eventually it got really nasty. I bought another at a thrift shop for a buck for my last couple of years. I used a Thermos to carry water or iced tea for my lunch.

We have one of those filter pitchers for water. We still buy some bottled water, but we drink a lot of tap water run through that pitcher.

I also carried a Thermos for coffee. Made my own at home and then took it to work. I use insulated cups now if we are going somewhere. If we eat breakfast out, I take an insulated cup along in case I want the remainder of the coffee and I don't have to ask for a to go cup. I do that with iced tea if we go out and I order it. Normally I drink water, but every so often I want some tea. I have my parents' old huge Thermos and I bought some smaller older ones with the glass insulation. Yeah, they are not the kind that bounce, but I think they keep stuff hot longer.

I crochet my own covers for my Swiller handle. I tried crocheting one for the Swiffer duster and I haven't quite got that one to work as well, but I use what I have. I also crochet dish cloths. I use the leftover yarn from the hats and scarves I make for my church knitting group. I found a pattern on Pinterest to crochet a dish cloth and attach it to scrubby. I've made some of those and given those as gifts. One friend loves my dishcloths and is always happy to get a few.

A friend of mine only uses paper plates. Says she doesn't want to do dishes. I think of the expense and waste. Wow! I just emptied the dishwasher and I wonder how many times my plates have been washed either by hand or by the dishwasher. Same thing with our glasses and cups.

My grandmother and my mother used to put peonies on their family graves. They always used coffee cans. That's what I did yesterday when we put flowers on the graves. I felt fortunate that our peonies waited to open up right before Memorial Day weekend. A friend of mine kind of got snobby and said she paid the local florist to put together the decorations. I'm thinking to myself, that's nice, but wow, what a lot of money. We usually take stuff to clean the tomb stones with us and I wipe them down and then throw the rags in the wash. I guess I'm not fancy. I personally think it is the idea we remembered our ancestors. When DH and I walked around the cemeteries yesterday, we tried to pick up around other graves. A couple had vases that had overturned so we righted them and put the flowers back in them. DH brushed grass off of some.

I am a jar saver. DH kids me, but I have all sorts of shapes and sizes. Never know when I will need one. I try to use jars to put leftovers in them. I actually used one for a grave yesterday. It is a friend and the stone is small, so I used a small jar. I sat it on the grave since it is flat on the ground. It held the flowers just fine.

I have quite a collection of Pyrex and Bake Lite dishes. Besides using them to cook with, I use them to store stuff in the fridge. Great way to heat leftovers.

Speaking of leftovers, that is a good way to reuse food. Every so often if we have food leftover from a couple of days, I tell DH we are having a buffet which means it is clean out the fridge night. He doesn't complain because he can eat what he wants. I try not to throw out much as far as food. I'm ashamed to say a Kiwi got away from me. It was hard as rock one day and the next it was moldy. Not sure how that happened, but I wasn't happy about it.

I save my egg cartons for a friend who has chickens. I did save one for myself to put the garlic in to dry before we needed to plant it. It was ideal for putting the cloves in.

I also save my cottage cheese and sour cream containers for a friend who has a restaurant. She uses them to take home leftovers that can't be left at the restaurant. They make chicken salad and she boils chickens and she gives away the broth in those containers as well.

So, what do you reuse instead of buying disposable?

3 Responses to “Reusable and savings”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Love this post. You gave some really goid ideas. I also love old pyrex and bakelite dishes if I can find them @ thrift stores. I have some really old ones that were from my Mother. I also love the coffee can idea.

  2. FIRE and I Says:

    It's so very important to reuse things. We are destroying our environment and our planet by being so callous with waste disposal. Humans have reused things until they fell to tatters for millennia, so I don't know why we can't keep being careful with our things instead of giving into glut. I can rant on and on. I create plenty of waste even when I try to reuse and recycle, so I shudder to think about how sad it is that people sometimes don't chose to.

    I use reusable grocery bags for all my shopping. You can get them as promotional materials or for 99c at most stores. I save all yogurt/salsa etc. jars/containers. They make an easy way to give people leftovers when they visit without having to worry about getting them back. I use printed paper again and print on the backs of it unless it is something like an application or something else that I need to give away to someone else. I cut up old clothes that are too worn to rewear or donate and turn them into kitchen rags. Anything that I can compost goes into the compost bin - before I moved and had a garden of my own, a lot of my food scraps went to my neighbor's chickens. Coffee tins make a good way to start veggies/flowers.

    P.S. You are your husband are the cutest. Thanks for rejoicing with me.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Our peonies also started blooming this weekend. I was able to make a nice bouquet with one pale pink peony, 1 bright pink rose, some tall but small pink and purple flowers I do not know the name of, a dozen daisies, and some foliage to fill it out to put on FIL's grave. I arranged it into a colorful bouquet and tied it with some pretty yarn. Another couple of weeks and I would have had a lot more to choose from. DH's sister went to Costco and dropped nearly 20 bucks she couldn't afford for her flowers. She always complains about how she has no money and how behind on her bills she is, but she always has to make a show at things like this.

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