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Gas Tax and Day to Day Stuff

June 2nd, 2019 at 11:34 am

I live in Illinois and doubling the gas tax is just about a sure fire bet. The General Assembly has passed it, so that means our gas tax will double to 38 cents a gallon. Ouch. I understand that we need it for roads and such, but if the legislators hadn't allowed the powers to be to take money from the original road account, I think we would have been in better shape and had more money.

Fortunately DH and I don't have to drive to work so our driving is for appointments as well as things we choose to do. But I worry about those people who are already having a time of it making ends meet and now this.

The Governor is also wanting to legalize Marijuana so I imagine that will go through with flying colors. I am torn on this issue. First of all, if it is legal, then maybe people won't treat it like they did when there was prohibition. Yet, I'm also worried we will have people using it and driving and being a bigger menace on the roads. Of course, maybe they won't be driving with the higher gas tax.

I just feel like all Illinois is wanting is more money. I understand why we need it, but I also wonder if there are ways to cut some of the spending like we have to do in our own personal budgets.

I do think DH and I will do a little less driving. We enjoy going to some of the area towns to visit. We may not go as often. I don't think the towns will miss us horribly, but I'm sure every dollar we spend helps their economy. Get enough people going and spending, it does make a difference. Perhaps I'm just too simple minded on the whole tax thing.

In other news, DH's garden is growing. He has some small green tomatoes on a few of his plants. If we could just get less rain and more sun, it would sure help. So many of the area farmers are struggling to even get their crops in. And so many in the heartland are facing the devastating effects of flooding. I picked some lettuce and a couple of green onions yesterday to make part of a salad tonight. I really like having fresh from the garden vegetables.

A couple of weeks ago I planted the end of celery in a pot. It is growing. I had to put it in a tall pot because last year when I did it, a bunny decided it was for his buffet.

I bought a weaving loom at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago. One can make scarves and other things. I finished my second scarf. I paid $5 for the loom and I feel I did OK with it. I like learning new things and I can actually use some different yarns with it that it is easier to weave with than crochet with so I feel that is good stewardship.

Aldi had blueberries on sale this week so I bought extra and made some blueberry jam and canned it. I think it is my favorite type so I was excited about that. A friend is kidding me about filling my pantry, and yeah, I do that. There's a satisfaction to having stuff in the pantry when I want it, especially knowing what's in it like the jam.

7 Responses to “Gas Tax and Day to Day Stuff”

  1. Smallsteps Says:

    I do not think it is just your state that want more and more taxes and money.
    Many states are doing it with little or nothing to show for it after they get it.

    I live in one of the first states that legalized and it is NOT the win so many sell especially when trying to pass it. Most sell this as a cure all we wont have to raise all these other taxes if the pot sales pay for things so non-users think great let them pay but it is not that rosy. My state openly tries to hide the reality but FOIA requests have exposed the lies
    For example they say we expect $xxxx from taxes but the reality is most people just buy from regular street dealers NOT the state stores that collect the tax.
    In stores the cost is quite a bit higher then street and even had people openly grow for street sales because most might think they are were awarded one of the commercial licenses they found guy was doing it for years so even state did not know he was not approved ? lol One of the largest REAL commercial growers in one area of our state is DIRECTLY across the street from one of the largest REHAB groups, the Irony always amuses me when I drive by.
    Our driving while impaired is now 60/40 with the higher one being drugs and pot.
    Careful what people wish for.

  2. Wink Says:

    I miss fresh produce straight from the garden. When I was growing up my dad always had a big garden and all summer we had fresh veggies, corn, etc. It was the best! There are a few small farmstands around that sell fresh produce but I can only go on weekends and if I don't get there super early they sell out. This is one of the things I look forward to when I retire. I can go during the week!

  3. Bluebird Says:

    Hi Rob, sorry about the gas tax, but glad you can adjust your driving. Please re-post the info to donate to your church group for the hats. I owe you a donation 😉

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Thank you, Bluebird! You are so kind and generous. Here is the info for my church group:

    Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Stitches of Love
    2055 S. Franklin Street
    Decatur, IL 62521

    Wink, I hope you enjoy retirement as much as we do!

    Smallsteps, thanks for the info. I wondered if legalizing pot was too good to be true. Apparently it is.

  5. fireandi Says:

    Legislators and other public servants rarely seem to do their jobs right. I like in a state where marijuana is legal, and you won't believe how many marijuana shops have popped up overnight. It has driven a lot of businesses out of affordable rental spaces because the weed shops can offer better rents and the landlords take them up on this. I am still not certain how it has affected the economy here overall. As far as driving - I haven't noticed a difference in reckless driving. But, marijuana use was rampant here even before it was legalized, so that might be why.

    Also, yay! for your produce.

  6. Bluebird Says:

    Hi Rob, your church should receive my donation any day! I hope it helps so you and your group can reach or exceed your goal! 😀

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Thank you, Bluebird! I will let you know when we do!

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