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Cloudy Sunday

August 11th, 2019 at 11:00 am

It's been dry here in Central Illinois and really rather hot and muggy. We might get scattered showers and it would be a blessing if we would. We did get a few drops of rain earlier this morning, but nothing much. There are cracks in our yard. DH spent hours watering his garden yesterday. He has some plants in pots which he waters more frequently, but then does a good soak for the stuff in the ground. I just paid our water bill from last month and it had gone up over $20 from the previous month so I'm sure August's will be pricey too. But, unless we have water restrictions, I imagine he will continue to water to keep things alive. We don't water the grass. I do worry about the farmers. They have had a tough year so far -- way too much rain this spring and were late in getting their crops in, and now hot and very dry conditions.

DH spent some time digging up the garlic yesterday. I need to finish processing it. I always keep some back to replant, and then I clean and mince the rest and put it in a jar in the fridge with olive oil.

There are three very ripe bananas sitting on the counter so I plan to make some banana bread this afternoon. Hate to see them go to waste.

A couple of months ago we reconnected with a guy I used to teach with and his wife. We've been going out to eat with them and another couple and then one time we went to their house for dinner where they provided the main part of the meal and we provided other stuff. It was a lot of fun. This Friday I suggested we do "Brinner" which is breakfast for dinner and I am going to make quiche, an egg casserole, cook some sausage, slice some tomatoes, and have coffee, tea, juice, and water. One couple will bring rolls or bread or muffins and the other will bring some sort of dessert. When the weather gets cooler, we plan to do a dinner with what would have been served during "Gone With The Wind." One fellow loves the movie and I'm partial to the book. I think it will be fun doing theme dinners like this. Heck, it will just be a delight to be with them.

Our tomatoes have slowed down as far as ripening, but there are loads of green ones still out there. There was enough very ripe ones that I made some more spaghetti sauce and canned it yesterday. My pantry is full so I'm looking for alternatives to store some of this stuff. I am not complaining one bit. We will use all of this and I'm glad to have it.

One can tell DH really gets into his garden. About a week ago I was washing some dishes and I looked around there was a squirrel trying to climb a tree with a large, ripe tomato in his mouth. I told DH and he went out and scared the squirrel away. The tomato was lost, and he was not happy about the thieving squirrel. A couple of days later I saw him with a small green tomato in his mouth running along the fence. Just to give you some background, there is a children's book series about "Scaredy Squirrel" who is scared of everything and his misadventures as he tries new things. So we call any squirrel in our yard "Scaredy." Anyway, night before last my husband screams in his dream, "Get out! Get out of here!" and thrashes around. I ask him if he's OK and in his sleep he informed me he's chasing Scaredy out of the garden. I thought it was very humorous. DH doesn't even remember it!

4 Responses to “Cloudy Sunday”

  1. Dido Says:

    Sounds lovely and domestic.

  2. Wink Says:

    I love the Brinner idea! My good friends and I do pot lucks at each others homes quite often and I've been trying to think of something different. I am going to suggest this for our next get together.

  3. fireandi Says:

    ROFL re: the dream and scaring Scaredy in his dreams. He must really love his garden! Potlucks are the best! I love this Gone with the Wind dinner idea. What will you make? I hope it rains there soon.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    FireandI, I was reading some things online to try and find out what they had in the book. I know yams because Mammy told Scarlett to eat before she went to the party at the beginning because it didn't look good for girls to eat at parties. I read ham. DH is holding out for cornbread. We figure that would have been in the south. I guess, after Googling it, there are lots of sites doing food with the "Gone With The Wind Theme."

    Wink, I'm doing a quiche and a breakfast casserole, sausage patties, and sliced tomatoes. I am looking for some different recipes for the casseroles. I may make two smaller ones to change things up. What will you fix if you do Brinner?

    Thanks, Dido for the positive comment. Hope you are doing well.

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