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Chicken and blessings

May 8th, 2010 at 02:07 am

"A chicken in every pot!" was the campaign promise of Herbert Hoover when the depression was going on in the 30's. It's actually the 21st century, but I have a chicken in a pot, a Crock pot, that is!

It's Friday night and it just doesn't seem like home not to have a chicken being warmed and "loved" by that slow cooker wrapped in some vegetables to make a savory broth.

My husband said I get my money's worth out of that chicken. I make a few dishes ahead for the week with the chicken and the broth and add vegetables, pasta, or rice.

Unfortunately Hoover was a victim of his times -- the economy didn't turn around and many people didn't have a chicken in their cooking pots. My dad said he hated grape jelly because someone gave his mom a bunch of grapes and she made grape jelly and many nights that's what they had for dinner -- grape jelly sandwiches.

I don't think his family was alone. And I think during the current recession, there are families who are struggling to feed themselves. I know we are blessed to have enough and I can choose to cook chicken on Fridays to make all sorts of dishes for the coming week. At one of my schools, it is very high poverty, and the children seem hungry most of the time. I've baked bread with them as a way to show them that bread just doesn't appear at the store and also gives them some experience in measuring. They inhale the bread and butter when it baked. We made "Stone Soup" one time and not many of them turned up their noses at all the vegetables in the soup -- two huge Crockpots full and homemade bread besides - it disappeared within minutes. I had kids ask about the recipe and when I explained it was basically using some canned goods and broth, they all thought they might be able to help their mom or grandma make some!

I hope that if you are also blessed with enough food, that you will consider putting some nonperishable items by the mailbox tomorrow (Saturday) for the National Mailcarriers food drive. I know you will be aiding families who need a little help. God bless you!

4 Responses to “Chicken and blessings”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Thank you for the reminder! (That soup sounds good, how about the receipe?)

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Ima, the book "Stone Soup" is about a fellow who goes into town and tells about how he can make soup with a stone. He gets a big pot, adds some water, chooses a stone and puts it in. This takes place in the middle of town. The townspeople ask him what he's making and he tells them and offers to share. Each person brings something he or she has and they put it all together.

    My recipe was I sauted some onions and celery, had two cans of low sodium chicken broth, and drained cans of vegetables and put that in the Crockpot to simmer for a few hours. I added some elbow macaroni at the beginning and it cooked during the simmering process. So the soup can be any kind of vegetable soup you like or have on hand. Thanks for reading my blog...I've been following yours for years!

  3. Buena Says:

    My mom grew up during the depression. I remember her hating homemade bread. She wanted Wonder or Sunbeam. I couldn't understand why until she explained that lunch used to be sandwiches made with lard or bacon fat...on homemade bread, of course. I guess that might put you off after awhile. I also remember something else she told me about economics. She said "I remember when bread was a nickel...but I didn't have a nickel. Now it's a dollar...but now I have a dollar." I guess life gives you different perspectives, huh?

  4. Buena Says:

    I am moving into our new home after almost 5 years in a camper. Almost everything we owned was in storage all that time. One of the things I missed the most was my recipe box. Not only did it have all our family favorites, it was a treasure of memories, too. There were recipes I wrote when I was in elementary school and recipes written in the hand of my father (he passed in 1975), my sister-in-law (who died before her time at the age of 20, in 1965) and my mother (1990). Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She would have been 87. After 20 years I still miss her. Happy birthday, Mom...I would have sent you a card, but....

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