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Clipping Coupons

May 10th, 2010 at 04:19 pm

One thing I enjoy about Sunday is the Sunday newspaper. As much as I enjoy the computer, there's something about having newsprint in hand. An added bonus is most Sundays there are coupons included.
I have always enjoyed reading about folks who use coupons and can get a lot of groceries and products for a great deal. Iíve never gotten close, but itís fun to dream.

But with most dreams there comes a reality. And Iíve discovered that in the Midwestern city that I inhabit, Iím limited by a few things that keep me from realizing the dream of getting so much for next to nothing. First of all, most of our stores do not accept Internet coupons. Their policies state that because people have cheated them, they wonít credit them. Bummer. Yet again a few have made it bad for the rest of us.

My husband splurges and buys the Chicago Tribune every Sunday. They also have coupons. A big discovery is that often times the Chicago paper has more coupons than our local paper and sometimes the cents off is even more. I guess that means Iím limited by my locality on how much I can save.

I have also found that most of the coupons available to me are for things I donít buy. Double bummer. Iím not going to buy something just to save a few pennies. I do some crazy things, but even Iím not that crazy.

As frustrating as it is, I guess I should look at the bright side and take advantage of the coupons I can use. Guess itís time for me to get out the scissors and start clipping for another week!

4 Responses to “Clipping Coupons”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I agree on the coupons. Never for things that I need and it just tempts me to buy things I don't.

  2. linpastor Says:

    My greatest frustration is experation dates. Just when you think you have a good deal the coupon is expired. About like my patience with coupons!

  3. jeffrey Says:

    Educate your store managers. Yes, it will take time and patience on your part, but if you do, not only will you be helping yourself, but many others that want to use Internet coupons. All major Internet coupon sites have put in checks so that it is difficult to counterfeit coupons these days. SmartSource even has a letter that you can print out and take to the manager of the store: The letter is from SmartSource Senior Vice President Henri Lellouche which explains why the Internet coupons are legitimate and a phone number the store manager can call if more verification is needed.

  4. choconut Says:

    Lol! I agree with the coupons for items you don't need. It feels like you are wasting money if you dont use the coupon and it is really a waste of money if you buy the items!

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