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Gourmet Kitchen Ramblings

July 3rd, 2010 at 07:42 am

I just donít know how I do it. Thatís what I told my husband the other day. He just laughed because he knows Iím being my usual sarcastic self.

After watching some of the food shows and reading some magazines, I donít know how I cook in my non gourmet kitchen! I donít have the 8 burner professional stove, the huge side by side refrigerator, the walk in pantry, or the gourmet cookware. I do have a few fairly decent pots and pans and two of my favorites I inherited from my grandmother and they arenít gourmet. Just well made and well taken care of Ė they are over 50 years old. And we wonít mention my cast iron skillet that was purchased used, OK?

I certainly donít shop at the fancy stores or markets. And I donít have a wine cellar. Egad! Whatís wrong with me? How can I cook without all these things?!

I am thinking of doing a little remodeling in the kitchen area in the next few days. We bought a gallon of paint and a new paint color always seems to refresh. Granted, it wonít be on HGTVís Bang for your Buck with the multi thousand redo, but it will probably work just fine. At least on my budget.
I guess my new excuse for not cooking is to tell hubby that I canít cook in my currently outdated, non gourmet kitchen and that we either need to truly remodel or go out.

I donít think heíll believe it! He knows me too well.

All right, whereís that paintbrush?

4 Responses to “Gourmet Kitchen Ramblings”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Enjoy your kitchen makeover...even if it is only paint. Excellent idea by the way. Paint does improve a room and it's pretty cheap!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I appreciate having a kitchen with more than a square foot of counter space. Big Grin That's all I need! I do like ample kitchen space (or even some to spare), but yeah, that's about it. & maybe just because we once owned a teeny tiny kitchen that really was not functional at all.

    The funny thing, is I have seen some astounding kitchens in magazines or makeover shows (some like, what the hell? Do you need to really spend that much on a kitchen?) but for the most part I don't find the local Joneses to be that much into kitchens. They don't cook, so I don't know anyone with a gourmet kitchen. Seems like a made up/celebrity thing, to me. I am just curious if anyone has ever seen these kitchens in person.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    That's a good question...we've been through a couple open houses with some really nice kitchens, but nothing like what's in the magazines or on T.V. On that show, Bang for Your Buck, some of the islands are larger than my whole kitchen -- why would two people need anything that big?

    The kitchen is painted...tomorrow is touch ups and moving stuff back and then I want to do a major cleaning to make sure everything is spotless. It's amazing what paint and a good cleaning can do to make it look better. I try to keep my kitchen pretty clean, yet I don't think it can ever get too clean.

  4. homebody Says:

    Our cabinets are the original ones from 1964. We are thinking of painting them. It's amazing how much paint can make things look better.

    For our kitchen good knives, a couple of good cutting boards and good pots and pans are the most important thing! I know this from trying to cook in my daughter's kitchens!

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