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Fashion Fast?

September 1st, 2010 at 10:17 pm

I read Mary Hunt's column yesterday about the fashion fast -- she went through her closet and picked out 6 items and wore them for a week. I guess it was to prove a point that we have too many clothes.

She cited some gal (I haven't taken the time to look up the blog) who wore the same dress for a year, just changing the accessories.

Interesting concept, eh?

I'm thinking that if I wore the same thing over and over I'd spend more in laundry than I'd save not buying a few more things.

Guess it's all a matter of priorities, eh?

2 Responses to “Fashion Fast?”

  1. Homebody Says:

    I read that blog, there is a fashion challenge of picking 6 items and only wearing them for a year.

  2. campfrugal Says:

    They showed that on the "Today" show this morning. Jean Chatzky did the challenge and no one really noticed that she was only wearing 6 different items, different ways and dressing them up differently with different accessories.

    I think I have about 8 - 10 items that I wear over and over, mixing them up, for the entire season (14 weeks)at my beach job. They get pretty worn by the end of the season; and then I have to revamp for next year's season.

    One advantage, summer clothing goes on sale at the end of the season, so I start buying next years beach wardrobe then. I like to stay with classics (white shirts, black capris, etc.) and mix it up with a pop of the coming seasons color to keep me with the fashion trends.

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