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Ten Money Saving Kitchen Gadgets

January 4th, 2011 at 01:14 am

Here's an article right up my alley -- ten money saving kitchen gadgets. I'm proud to say I own 9 of them and use them.

I make use of my Crockpots -- yes, I know it is a brand name and mine are Rival Crockpots. I can't imagine trying to fix many of my meals without them. I make coffee in my coffee maker and brew my own tea as well because I am, well, cheap.

I grate my own cheese and I actually own two small cheese graters. One is better than the other, but I I've had one over 20 years so I think I've gotten my money out of it.

As much as I liked this url, I would say, unless folks actually use these kitchen gadgets or tools, they won't be saving anything. I made quiche again with some different ingredients this time and I grated my own cheese. I fixed coffee to go with it.

I know some folks just like to have the things, but not using them isn't saving money.

Can you think of any other kitchen tools that save you money? I would have to say my stand mixer saves us money. I've worn out three bread machines and finally gave up on buying another one, but I use it to mix my dough. I use it for other items as well so it's a multi-purpose tool.

We can certainly add to this list, can't we?

3 Responses to “Ten Money Saving Kitchen Gadgets”

  1. Swimgirl Says:

    Sometimes the pre-grated cheese is cheaper, and if it is I will buy it that way!

    I make lots of jam in the summers with free fruit, so I would say my canning equipment counts.

    Love my mixer and food processor for making bread...

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Microwaves and food storage containers (9 & 10) - good ones!

    I think most of our gadgets make our food better and fresher, which maybe saves us money by keeping us eating at home. But I couldn't help but think "grated cheese cost the same." I was delighting in the summer in using the food processor to shred carrots and cabbage, etc., but in the end, most that stuff costs the same pre-shredded and pre-packaged. In the winter I have just been buying pre-packaged salads because the produce is kind of "eh" and costs more this time of year. In the summer I will delight in making fresh salads again - not sure if it saves money - but tastes better.

  3. jewels3 Says:

    I was surprised by the pizza cutter being on the list. I don't really see that as being a money saver, I see it as a necessity. :=) We get frozen pizzas and take and bake pizzas and I would have no clue how to cut it without a pizza cutter.

    I would say my stones are my favorite kitchen tool. Food doesn't burn on them like traditional cookie sheets, and clean up is super fast. I love my stand mixer too, but I don't know I can say it saves me money. It makes my work easier though :-)

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