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A Winter Weekend

January 9th, 2011 at 07:59 pm

Here is it Sunday afternoon in January. It's been a busy weekend getting errands run and things done, including laundry. I put a whole chicken in the Crockpot Friday night and yesterday used it to make chicken and dressing casserole, chicken and rice casserole, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest. I can take the easy way out and have chicken and noodles with the chicken and broth, or make chicken stew with vegetables, or another chicken casserole. My hubby picked up the chicken at Aldi and I notice it was $4.71. Getting three meals for a chicken under $5 isn't bad! Plus it means the bulk of three suppers is basically taken care of -- I just need to either put the casseroles in the oven to bake or heat up the chicken and broth with noodles. I roasted a large pan of vegetables to add to the chicken and rice casserole so I can either heat them up as a side dish, or instead of the chicken and noodles, use the chicken, broth and vegetables and make chicken stew.

I made a loaf of Artisan bread this afternoon. My pastor has been experimenting with making Artisan bread so it reminded me of my No Knead Bread recipe so I pulled it out. I did put a little olive oil with some dried herbs on top of it while it baked. I'm pretty pleased with how nice it looks sitting on the cooling rack.

Other than a couple of things like writing a thank you note and filling out a deposit slip, the bulk of my work here is I can relax and enjoy the comfort of my home on a cold winter day.

2 Responses to “A Winter Weekend”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    I can almost smell your Artisan bread. I would not mind being a guest in your home on a Sunday afternoon!

  2. Savings Queen Says:

    Sounds like just the perfect winter day! You deserve to enjoy it after all the good work you did. You have newly baked bread on the counter and chickens in the pot for the next few days! Sounds perfect...

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