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Snow's a coming....glad the pantry is full!

January 30th, 2011 at 08:22 pm

We've been warned...Central Illinois is supposed to get freezing rain and snow in the next few days. The freezing rain scares me the most...we had the freezing rain/ice storm over 4 years ago and were without power over two days. Two cold, miserable days. I have new respect for those folks who heated with a fireplace -- I don't know how they did it.

The forecast is calling from anywhere between 10-20 inches from Monday evening to Wednesday. Then on Wednesday it is predicted we will have high wind gusts.

Thursday has equally good news...temperatures below zero and wind chills even lower.

A friend wrote as she talked about the weather..."if you were planning on doing your grocery shopping tomorrow night, you might want to do it today." Amen, sister!

I know a gal who rarely has anything in the house. She often says she has to go out to eat because she didn't have anything to bring for lunch. If she thinks of it, she'll stop at a convenience store to pick up a frozen dinner for lunch. (Can we say expensive?) Before Christmas we were supposed to have a bad storm and I suggested she hit the store before she went home and she said she didn't have time because some friends might stop by. I always wonder what she'll do if her car won't start. Snack on some tree bark? Eat a few weeds? OK, I digress....

We hit the store this weekend to pick up a few fresh things like milk and bread and a few items to replenish items I've used throughout the week. Granted, most of the stuff in my pantry would require some heating to make it taste the best, but as long as we have power, we could go quite a few days if need be.

I certainly hope the forecasters are wrong and we don't get that much snow. I am glad we have the convenience of modern heat and cooking. Those folks in log cabins and mud houses were made of stern stuff!

2 Responses to “Snow's a coming....glad the pantry is full!”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    We're supposed to get a really big storm Tuesday/Wednesday, could be all snow or snow/freezing rain mix.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I'm taking a bug-out bag with me to my eye appointment Monday because they are predicting that awful weather here, too. I must have my eyes dilated, so I'll have to wait around 3 hours afterward before I can leave. By then the taxis might be swamped with calls, so I really am going to prepare myself to stay overnight in a lobby or waiting room of the hospital next door. DH is supposed to meet a class 30 miles out a hilly, winding, 2-lane highway. I made him promise to take his bag and be prepared to stay in someone's office.

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