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Ping, ping, ping

February 1st, 2011 at 01:06 am

The little ice crystals are bouncing off our windows and the driveway looks like a skating rink...I think the winter storm has come!

I live in Central Illinois and we are supposed to have freezing rain and then a bunch of snow...possibly close to a foot by Wednesday morning. None of it sounds wonderful, but I'm just hoping the ice doesn't result in power outage. We had an ice storm a little over 4 years ago and it didn't take long for the house to get cold with no electricity. We had a fireplace, but it didn't put off a lot of heat. I know that little storm cost us extra money because we bought firewood and ate out as much as we could not because we couldn't eat what we had, but in an effort and excuse to sit someplace warm and thaw out.

Do you hear it, the ping, ping, ping of ice hitting my window?

5 Responses to “Ping, ping, ping”

  1. Shiela Says:

    I am reading this in front of our air conditioner full blast at the moment because we are in a heatwave here. This planet is sure interesting huh?

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    So wish I had a fireplace!

  3. anna_nimmity Says:

    We have had heavy ice all night and into this morning with more to come. All of our trees and lines are heavily coated, with lots of huge, downed limbs from our very large trees, and more heavy limbs hanging down nearly touching the ground. Nearby farms had no lights last night for a few hours, and now that the wind is picking up, the likelihood that we'll keep our own power on is doubtful. We are safe and sound with plenty of easy-to-grab food, bottled water, huge buckets of extra water for flushing since we have a well and pump, kerosene, kero heater plus kero lamp, candles, matches, flashlights, etc. Well prepared, but not looking forward to losing power when it comes to that out here in the middle of the country. Stay safe, everyone! The worst is evidently yet to come.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you didn't lose power! You are well prepared!

  5. anna_nimmity Says:

    We lost power Tuesday evening around 7:50, and didn't get our power back until noon today, Wednesday. Even with a kerosene heater, it barely touched the bitter cold that was increased by the howling wind that never stopped out here in the country between Pana and Assumption, IL. My inlaws in Stonington, IL, lost their power around 5 pm last night, and still don't have power. They have a couple of kerosene heaters and are doing the best they can considering the extreme cold conditions. As it is to be down to -5 or lower overnight, with wind chills nearer -20 to -25 overnight, I am hopeful that somehow their power will be restored, or that the Good Lord watches over them through the bitter night.

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