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A is for Appetite

March 13th, 2011 at 07:33 pm

Appetite. What makes many of us motivated to do something? It can be an appetite for a good meal or a desire to accomplish something.

Since I enjoy food so much, I think mine would have to want a good meal. I am shocked at how many people “settle” for a lot of the fast food stuff with little flavor except grease and salt.

We were watching “Till Debt Do Us Part” last night on CNBC and I was proud of Gail when she told the parents that eating fast food isn’t good for their children because it wasn’t healthy. Although the family stayed on their food budget – her answer was to buy cheap fast food meals. Gail said that it might be cheap, but it costs in the long run. Amen, sister!
We have some friends who love to eat out, but always try to find a bargain. I’m thinking to myself as they order some very cheap, but not nutritious stuff that you might be eating cheaply today, but what will be the cost tomorrow and the next day? It’s not like this junk they are eating is a treat or a splurge – it is how they eat most of the time.

I think my parents did me a disservice by not having me eat different things as a kid. Yes, I had my share of vegetables and there are some I abhor – no doubt about it. But, because we rarely ate fish, I have trouble being courageous enough to eat different types of fish. I think if I had been exposed to fish as a child, I’d eat more of it.

I think our appetites and like change as we change. I remember thinking that those fast hamburgers were the greatest. We have a local fast food joint that everyone loves their greasy burgers. I used to until my stomach could no longer handle the grease.

My desire for foods has changed and I tend to like different things now than I did when I was younger. I really like a good salad. Fresh green beans are scrumptious. I don’t think I ate zucchini as a child, but as an adult, I love finding different recipes to sample.

So, what do you have to say about your appetite?

3 Responses to “A is for Appetite”

  1. retire@50 Says:

    I agree about what you are exposed to as a child effects your adult eating habits. We rarely had vegetables that weren't hidden, like in .10 potpies. I have a hard time w/veggies now and struggle to find ways to get them in my diet. My mom was very poor when we were 4 - 7 and those were the years that set our eating habits.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    We were pretty basic growing up. Dinners were meat of some kind (beef, pork, chicken, or fish all prepared the same way, floured and fried in Crisco, yeesh), potatoes, green beans and corn. Sometimes we had oranges and apples and maybe once a week spaghetti. My mom didn't vary much from that. I remember eating a lot of canned soup and canned ravioli for lunches.

    It wasn't until I met my husband and he took me out for Chinese, Italian and Mexican that my tastes began to change and I learned how to cook different foods with a larger variety of herbs and spices. I also eat a ton of veggies I was never exposed to.

    I used to love the bacon double grease burger from fast food places, particularly when I was craving grease or salt, but the more we've cleaned up our diet and eaten clean food, the worse that burger tastes. I can make a burger at home that is so much better and I can control the fat content and the grease run off since I grill them.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I grew up with a food policewoman -- my mom, who always wished she had become a nutritionist. We did have homemade desserts, but no other treats were kept in the house -- no soda, no candy, no salty snacks. Our meals were the healthy, foursquare meals of the time -- meat, potatoes, vegetables.

    I am still dealing with intense cravings for food that is bad for me. I think the forbidden fruit became the only thing I wanted. I associate junk food with stolen pleasure.

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