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Q is for Quick Bread

May 4th, 2011 at 12:20 am

A friend of mine kids me she has a carb deficiency because she loves bread. I often share some different breads with her because she likes trying them.

I remember growing up we had that soft white bread...the kind you could make into a ball because it was so soft and smushy. My neighbor used to bake bread each week because her husband was diabetic and she had to watch what he ate. She had a special yeast recipe that she made for him so he had the bread for sandwiches.

I try to make bread each week for our dinners. I have made both yeast breads and quick breads. I "Googled" Quick Breads and claims 590 quick bread recipes. I would say cornbread and soda breads are quick breads. Banana bread is as well.

We went to a local bakery a couple weeks ago and I was astounded to see a loaf of pumpkin bread priced at $13. One loaf. That's a lot of money for a quick bread. Their other sweet breads were the same price. Granted, I'm not a professional baker, but I think about all the loaves of banana bread I've given away...apparently I've given away a small fortune!

I like trying new bread recipes and quick breads are usually pretty fast and easy.

All these choices and they are a long way from that "soft" white bread of my youth!

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    One of my favorite quick breads to make is simple drop biscuits. So fast and easy and always yummy.

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