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Meeting after meeting

September 22nd, 2011 at 01:02 am

The school year is in full force and it seems some of the folks that are in supervisory positions love meetings. I had a meeting yesterday morning and another yesterday after school. Tomorrow there are three scheduled for about the same time after school. I had to prioritize which was the most important. I'm sure someone won't be happy, but you do what you have to do.

So far we do not have a teacher contract. This does not upset me at this point. I'm working, I'm getting paid, and in our city's economy, this is a very good thing. But, I am hearing rumblings of some folks who are griping...

I guess I'm a fairly realistic person. No contract is going to please both sides entirely. And there has to be some given and take. With money being in short supply, we should feel blessed we are employed.

So, although I'm being busy pulled to all these meetings, I know how entirely fortunate I am to have a job.

2 Responses to “Meeting after meeting”

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  2. Jerry Says:

    I love it that you are so cognizant of the fact that your employment is a wonderful thing in an economic time that leads so many people to lose their work... not to mention that most school jobs include health insurance, which many do not. And of course, no job is perfect, whether it is due to meetings or colleagues or whatever else. I hope that the contract situation is ironed out soon!

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