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A Halloween Costume -- Really?

October 25th, 2011 at 01:26 am

A friend of mine is always grousing she doesn't have any money. She works hard and that is true. But, when the time between her pay days is here, she often has to do without or borrow money to buy necessities like gasoline for her car.

Years ago she had to live hand to mouth. Part of it was because of some circumstances, but part of it was because she was trying to live a dream. As a result of that, when I suggest she check out money saving sights like this one, she tells me she already knows how to save money.

Anyway, just last week she was worried about putting gas in the car so she could get to work. I guess she found the money and apparently has gotten paid in the mean time because she ordered a Halloween Costume and it is being Fed Ex'd to her.

I don't say anything because I know she will get angry.

But what I'd really like to ask if she needed that Halloween Costume. I guess in her mind she would say yes, but I guess I'm too pragmatic. Putting gas in the car, paying my bills, and having food would be priorities.

Guess I'm so boring I'm scary!

2 Responses to “A Halloween Costume -- Really?”

  1. laura Says:

    Aw, I'll join the club of wondering and pondering. My best friend actually asked my opinion which of four $100 pairs of shoes should she keep, she'd planned on picking two (put $400 on charge card and planned on returning two, thus only spending $200). Her student loan is in forberance (don't know how to spell the word). Hmmm ... what should she do? How many should she keep?

    I guess I'm far too practical to even offer anything concrete!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Laura, and you know if you do say something, there will be angry words. I guess we practical folks have to stick together!

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