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Finding a way to add to furnace fund

November 11th, 2011 at 01:41 am

One of the "joys" of being a homeowner means replacing or repairing things when they break or wear out.

Earlier this fall we had to replace our 13 year old water heater.

We figure we better start a furnace fund. The furnace was here when we bought the house -- it is over 14 years old and knowing the previous owners who replaced it, it probably wasn't top of the line. We have it checked every year and I replace the filters each month. It had quite a workout last summer with the extreme heat and so I we are hoping it will last through the winter.

So, I've been looking for ways to contribute to this savings. I found a broken gold chain and dh took it in today we received $24 for it. Not too bad for something that was sitting in the drawer.

I had to drive some for work last month and received a mileage's going in the fund too.

I think I'm going to ask the credit card for a check for our cashback bonus and put that in. Plus, I'm trying to put a set amount in each month.

Now, if the furnace will be good and not break before we can afford a new one!

5 Responses to “Finding a way to add to furnace fund”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great way to save...finding small things you can sell! Best wishes on getting it funded before needed.

  2. PNW Mom Says:

    Good to think ahead. DH and I are wanting to start a "roof" fund as our house is 14 1/2 years old and it is going to need to replaced in the next couple of years.

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    I also hope that it lasts past the winter. No heat in the middle of winter is certainly not much fun. Great way to save! I have four separate account through ING Direct geared towards funding fun things we want to do as well as home repairs and tuition for our sons.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Great idea, NJDebbie

  5. Jerry Says:

    I am glad that you get some mileage payments from work, that can really lead to some help to the budget! I used to work for a hospital that would pay mileage for trips to labs and care facilities, and it was great. However, they did not change the rates with the increase in fuel costs, so my friends who still work there now have no insurance that the mileage check will cover the costs!

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