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November 27th, 2011 at 09:38 pm

I was reading the Sunday paper this morning and there were stories about the folks who hurt one another in an attempt to get the Black Friday deals. The woman who pepper sprayed the group turned herself in. That is good that she had a conscience. It's sad that the pursue of "stuff" led to such a poor decision.

I will admit I have plenty of stuff. I went through our holiday decorations. Some are being donated to our church's bazaar for the gently used Christmas decorations. Others are being donated elsewhere. We have more decorations than we have room on the tree. I remember the mad frenzy of hitting after Christmas sales wanting to pick these items up. It was so darn important. Now, they are a pain in the patootie to store and get out and go through. I have kept a few things that have some sentimental meaning, but after going three big boxes of my ornaments, I think I have half a box left.

Last year after Christmas we did the same thing with my husband's ornaments. He bought tons of them on after Christmas sales and had quite a bunch of them after 20 years of collecting. Some he didn't really like anymore. They were donated and hopefully adorn someone else's tree.

Last year I remember reading about a worker who was trampled as a mad rush went in to get the bargains. What have we as a society come to when things are more important than people?

The article I read today about the goings on on Black Friday had one interesting statement by the reporter -- the article said that the majority of those doing these wicked things to be first to get the sale items were not people who were poor.

So, "stuff" has taken the place of common sense. Sad.

4 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Poor Common Sense it's been replaced by 'Not My Fault' or 'Nobody Told Me That'. And now by 'Stuff'. Sad, very sad.

  2. PNW Mom Says:

    I read about the "pepper spraying" lady....glad to hear she turned herself in....she should be ashamed of herself! And, yes, the pursuit of "stuff' is just sad.

  3. baselle Says:

    Well, "stuff" replaced love in the minds of many. Now "stuff" is replacing every other human feeling.

  4. retire@50 Says:

    and now that cheap 'stuff' will cost her in lawyer fees and court appearances, not to mention humiliation when every knows what you did.

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