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Do Some Folks Have Too Much Money?

January 1st, 2012 at 06:37 pm

I know there's a cliche' that you can never be too thin or too rich...

I won't even go on about the slender part, but the money part, I have an opinion.

We turned on the television to watch something while we ate our lunch. I don't care for football so dh turned on HGTV and they are having a series or programs of Million Dollar Room or Outdoor Spaces or...

Anyway, they were showing a kitchen. Now, I'm kind of partial at looking at kitchens because I like to cook. The island stone alone was $50,000. There are folks who don't spend that much on a house.

In other house they showed a bedroom with his and hers and hers closets. She had two different rooms that each held 500 shoes. How many shoes can someone wear? Plus, there was a craft room with a wrapping station. The hostess said on some of these rooms, they actually cost millions.

In another episode (yeah, it's like seeing a train wreck, we couldn't stop watching), this guy had an outdoor space where he brought in sand from the Bahamas that cost him between $75,000 and $100,000. Just for the sand and the barge travel.

I don't want this to sound like sour grapes, but geeze, doesn't this seem like a bit overwhelming? And, where does one go from here after all that?

After seeing the luxurious kitchens, I commented, I bet they don't even cook in these fancy dancy places.

As for a wrapping station, if they have that kind of money, why not just pay to have these items wrapped in the first place. Wouldn't want to break a nail or get a paper cut!

So, I'm glad dh has turned on football, because the glamour was just getting to be a little much.

16 Responses to “Do Some Folks Have Too Much Money?”

  1. snafu Says:

    I too have a wrapping station. It's a hook adjacent to the washer/dryer that holds a free, heavy duty vinyl zip bag wedding gowns come in. The interior holds rolls and rolls of sparkly white paper that occasionally goes on sale. [I finally figured out that I could use the same paper for nearly all gifts [men, women, teen, kiddies, Christmas, Valentine, Easter, shower, wedding, birthday, going away, hostess etc.]

    An external pocket holds scissors, cello tape, labels and gift cards. A plastic bag holds a lot of colorful bows. DH pulled apart a hanger to hold rolls of ribbon Martha Stewart style. There is a self above the dryer for misc. card box and stickers.

    The washer/dryer surface is a perfect height to wrap gifts and parcels. It's large enough to unroll a significant amount of paper and cope with awkward boxes. Best of all, no one thinks to look for gifts I've stashed in the laundry room cupboard.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    A friend and I were discussing spending money at last night's party. His wife loves to spend and he is frugal like I am. I mentioned my shoes, the black heels I was wearing last night. I have about 6 pairs of shoes and I have had these for about 30 years. He could not believe it! His wife would never wear 30 year old shoes to a party. Hey, they still fit and I think they look fine.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I love the laundry room idea!

    As for my opinion on million-dollar rooms -- I think it's shameful. I know it's their money, but think of the good they could do with it.

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    I know too many millionaires, and watching those type shows just stresses me out. i.e. you have to carry 10 luggage pieces wherever you go because you have so much stuff that you can't live without? NO THANKS!! That kind of money and spending invites a lot of unnecessary stress in one's life.

    Of course, one can make that kind of money and do much better things with it. I just don't *get* what is so great about owning 300 pairs of shoes or having a $50,000 kitchen island.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    I would rather be richer than I am now, but I know I wouldn't be spending it on stuff. More likely giving it away in some form or another.

  6. Gamecock43 Says:

    I appreciate people spending that kind of gives so many other people jobs! Better than locking it up in a bank!

  7. baselle Says:

    Two points:

    1. Its all about choice. The only thing that would get me is that if their wealth disappears, don't come crying to me.

    2. If you have a 50K kitchen island, you can pay taxes. Don't come whining to me that you can't afford an increase in taxes.

  8. My English Castle Says:

    I'm with Baselle. A 50K island means you have plenty to eat.

  9. EarlyRetirementJoy Says:

    Concur. Every purchase feeds the economic chain, and supports jobs along the way. I don't begrudge others with more money than DH and I have. I understand that, with very few exceptions, wealth reflects a single mindedness of pursuit, and that I could achieve same if I really wanted to buckle down and chase it through higher education, entrepreneurialship or other similar pursuits.

  10. rob62521 Says:

    I don't begrudge them the money they have and agree that purchases help the economy, but where does one go from having spent $50k on the stone for the island?

  11. EarlyRetirementJoy Says:

    I for one don't have a clue, but I sure wouldn't mind taking a stab at it! :-)

  12. My English Castle Says:

    Ha! We know people with a $1250 shower curtain. They never should have told us!

  13. CB in the City Says:

    I still can't condone $50K for a countertop. That's beyond getting quality -- it's just trying to figure out a way to spend too much money. Excess money doesn't have to be locked up in a bank. There are a gazillion charities dying for donations.

  14. baselle Says:

    "but where does one go from having spent $50k on the stone for the island?"

    1. Lying and saying that they spent 60K on theirs.
    2. Getting Gordon Ramsay to cook on their island.

  15. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I consider that "ostentatious human consumption" and it's part of what keeps our economy rolling. Ehem, in theory anyway. It's their money and they can do what they want with it and I don't particularly care. I do wonder about people like that, though: how much have they given to others in need?

    Like others, I can think of so many ways that money could be better spent but for all I know those people have given millions and millions to help others.

    Whatevah... it isn't for me and I hope they do help those they can.

  16. MonkeyMama Says:

    There are plenty of ways to put money in the economy without resorting to the ridiculous. OF course, if I actually knew people who were truly happy to spend money in that manner, would be another thing. I simply don't. Anyway, I totally get what you are saying rob!

    @ Baselle - LOL.

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