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February 17th, 2012 at 12:35 am

Bet you are wondering what "BIM SIM" represents...

A little background... DH and I both have some arthritis. As a result, it often can be painful to do things. But, most doctors and apparently medicine advertisers agree that one shouldn't stop doing things because you have arthritis. One commercial says, "a body in motion stays in motion" so I decided we needed to have a saying or slogan to remind each other. So, I thought BIM SIM (body in motion stays in motion)was something we could say to keep each other going.

My dad has been gone 14 years. The last few years of his life he was bedridden. He had arthritis and although his doctor told him to keep moving and walking, he said it hurt too much. I'm sure it was painful. On the rare occasions I did get him out and moving, he would comment the next day he felt like he could move better. But, it didn't last. It is a sad saga...he wound up with bedsores because he wouldn't get up and walk, but sat all the time. His bedsores became so bad the doctor gave him antibiotics, but unfortunately they were too strong and he became dehydrated and very ill. He was hospitalized and was making recovery as the hospital put him through physical therapy. However, he chose to quit going and as a result, he got the point he couldn't walk. It was a vicious circle in a way. He had also had a lot of mini strokes so I don't think he was really able to think through things at this point, so his judgment wasn't the best.

That being said, I don't want to have the same problems, so the reminder of getting up and moving is always good. I guess I could say it could save me money if I take care of myself. BIM SIM

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