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Some are givers and some are takers...

March 20th, 2012 at 11:35 pm

Givers and takers...we seem to fit one category or another, don't we? Sometimes both, but usually one is a better fit.

One gal I know lets me be both. I save our plastic containers such as cottage cheese and wash them and save them for her. She runs a small restaurant and uses them to take home leftovers for herself, her mom, and her daughter-in-law since they cannot service the stuff the next day. She said she loves having all these different sizes and she doesn't have to worry about remembering to bring back the good ones they used to use as she dashes out of the house early each morning. She said she's now using them at home to plant seeds for plants. She, in turn, has been saving me the box top things that schools use to send in for funds. I donate them to my schools and help them. So, we are both givers and takers.

Another person I know is a better taker. I save things like coupons and newspapers and give them to this person. I think they are appreciated. I usually don't mind saving these items.

I'm not a good taker. I guess I think I need to always be a giver and it is difficult to be on the receiving end. I guess we are what we are.

Otherwise, it was a nice day to be off. Our school district has designated this week as spring break. DH and I visited a friend and dropped off a birthday cake and a present and then voted, ran an errand and came home. He cleaned the siding outside and I worked on cleaning a room.

Supper was spaghetti with meat sauce made from ground chicken. I've been trying to figure out what we spent on suppers. I think tonight's was less than $7 for the spaghetti and sauce, homemade bread, salad, cottage cheese, and fruit. Last night we had beef and barley vegetable soup made in the slow cooker. It was about $7 and we have enough leftover for another meal. Sunday night I made a bruschetta with the homemade bread for a light Sunday supper. I think that meal cost less than $3. Not too bad for 3 suppers...guess I'll take that!

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