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Slow cooker is a gal's best friend...

March 31st, 2012 at 10:59 pm

OK, didn't mean to be sexist, but if I added "and guy's" it would make the title kind of cumbersome. Not trying to hurt any one's feelings.

I use mine quite often. Last night I put a whole chicken with some herbs and vegetables and water...woke up to a house smelling wonderful. It wasn't a huge chicken, but there is enough meat for two casseroles and chicken salad, and I froze some of the extra broth.

I've made vegetable soup in the past two weeks, and I tried a new pork chop and potato recipe last week.

I have 4 different ones, all different sizes. I just find myself blessed to have this wonderful piece of kitchen appliance world.

I believe by using a slow cooker, I've saved money. I use a lot of casseroles and by cooking chicken ahead instead of buying a rotissere chicken I've saved money. Plus, I control what goes on and in the cooker. I keep broth frozen and that's handy for many meals tool. Healthier and cheaper than buying stuff from the store.

I get excited when I see recipes for the slow cooker that I think I'd like to try.

Don't tell anyone, but I gave a little hug to the cooker when I put it away today after washing it.

2 Responses to “Slow cooker is a gal's best friend...”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    I love my slow cooker too. Four of them! Wow!

  2. snafu Says:

    YaHoo for crockpot/slow cooker. It keeps food spending down by making cheaper cuts as tender as more expensive, allows easy peasy soups and stews use up bits & leftovers, and best of all cooks without being minded. On busy days it looks after itself and I needn't be home. In summer, the kitchen stays cooler, I needn't turn on the oven [no AC]; in winter we return to the delicious aroma of soup/stew knowing in 20 minutes dumplings will move it from ordinary to 'more please.'

    Everyone will eat CP oatmeal, never scorches, perfect texture. I've experimented with cake which tastes ok but too much stuck to the ceramic bowl. Works well for fruit crisps/betty, baked apples, Bisquick fruit pudding or any old fashioned bread pudding is a real treat!

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