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HGTV Green House and recycling

April 15th, 2012 at 09:55 pm

Friday night we watched the program on the new HGVT Green House. We enjoy seeing the new products out there and how people are trying to help the planet.

I had to chuckle when they kept acting so very self-righteous about reusing furniture and materials and shopping and flea markets and antique shops. They acted almost like it was their very own original idea!

Most folks who have to watch their pennies and even those who don't, but want to, reuse and repurpose things. When I look at my kitchen, so much of the stuff in it was bought used. Or, I inherited it from my grandmother.

We often go to antique shops. I not only like the idea of saving a little money, but the idea of buying something that was probably made in America so many years ago. I'm a little tired of all the cheaply made stuff from overseas.

It was just interesting how the commentators were singing the praises of repurposing things and how glorious it was like it was their very original idea. I think most of us reuse and repurpose if at all possible.

There's a little email making the rounds about an older lady going to the store and the cashier says something about your generation not understanding about going green because she hadn't brought her own bags. It was then pointed out how people used to buy soda in glass bottles and return them to be reused. I was thinking about all the canning that used to go on and people used and reused those canning jars for years!

I know HGTV has to sensationalize to keep the viewer interested, but some of us have been "green" in a lot of areas far longer than the network has been around.

I need to go and heat up the sloppy joes in my second hand pot and serve on my second hand plates. Just thought I'd give a few of my thoughts when it came to being green.

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    My mother (who is 72) has canning jars that belonged to her mother. I will get them when she can no longer do the canning herself.

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