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July 5th, 2012 at 04:01 pm

As a part of trying to stay healthy, DH and I have been going for morning walks. We enjoy the time together and feel it also helps our physical health as well as mental health to keep moving.

We walk around our neighborhood. It seems scary to see so many houses up for sale. I guess there have always been homes for sale, but usually not two on the same court at the same time.

In another thought, I get frustrated when I see folks not thinking of those who walk. One house always has cars sitting over the sidewalk. It's one thing if they have it because of doing something and move it by the next day, but these vehicles always stick out and it means walking in the street. One clown has this huge travel trailer that sticks out over the sidewalk and the hitch thing is rusted. I always worry I'm going to run into it and scratch myself.

A couple of weeks ago we were walking and a bull dog ran out of nowhere and started barking and snapping at us. We think it belongs to one of the folks who usually has cars sitting and blocking the driveway...we think the owner of both of these is a cop. Guess that speaks volumes, doesn't it? Fortunately a neighbor saw the dog and called it off of us, but I was truly frightened he would bite...he was barking so hard he was foaming at the mouth. He was a large bulldog and could have done severe damage.

There are some homes where the trees and bushes hang out over the sidewalk and snag as you walk. I know lots of people like yucca plants, but when it snags your clothes as you walk by on the sidewalk, it needs to be tied up or trimmed.

Although I'm grousing, I admit I enjoy the walks. I like seeing what folks are doing too. One house is getting a new roof today. We have had horrible heat the past few days and they were out early. I don't envy the roofers their job with this heat, but I'm glad the folks are getting a new roof.

I also like seeing what people have planted for their landscaping. Some folks really love to have flowers. We have seen quite a few tomato plants as folks strive to get that homegrown taste.

One thing I really like is as we walk, most folks wave as they drive by or speak if they walk by. It gives us a sense of community.

2 Responses to “Walks”

  1. snafu Says:

    Great plan! I wish DH & I could get our act together in the morning to do what you do. One of us takes the dog out and the other makes bed, tidies room, makes bkfst. etc.

    Don't bylaws require vehicles to keep sidewalks clear, trees clipped and dogs under control? I suggest taking your camera on morning walks and forwarding photos to the bylaw officer or your city Councillor/Alderman asking about compliance if you really want things to change. Bylaw officers typically only respond to complaints but I don't know if the complainant's name, address and phone numbers appear on the notice given to home owners.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    It has been helpful that we have adopted this routine. As for the camera...good idea except one of the folks is a cop...can't imagine he would be happy about getting reported and might make life miserable for us.

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