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Yikes...I've become my mother!

July 13th, 2012 at 03:10 pm

My mom was nosy. There is no getting around that. She always wanted to live on busy streets or roads so she could be where the action was. The last three places she lived, she got her way. We lived on a busy city street when we lived in town, when we moved to "the country" our house was on U.S. 51. Then when they downsized, they moved to another busy street.

When my great aunt died, among her things was a pair of binoculars. My mom latched on to those and used them frequently. They were next to where she sat on the couch and she would use them to look at whatever she thought deemed important.

I'm afraid I've become my mother. OK, I don't have the binoculars. We don't live on a busy street.

However, walking this morning, I was noticing what was in folks garbage cans. No, I didn't lift the lids. I haven't got that bad. YET. Friday is garbage day for our neighborhood, and it is interesting to see what folks have put out. One house had a box that once contained diapers and 4 boxes for beer. Wonder if the baby drives them to drink?

Another had lots of fast food containers, including a huge pizza box. Guess one can infer what their diet is like.

The garbage containers are kind of interesting too. One home has a neat garbage container with the address written in paint on the side. Bet their house is tidy too.

There are folks who no longer have lids. I don't fault these folks. I can't tell you how many times I've gone on the search for ours. We had one collector that didn't put it back on or inside, but threw it wherever it landed and if the wind picked it up...well, you get the idea.

I know why detectives often sift through garbage for clues...what one throws away tells multitudes.

We used to have a very limited recycling program and everything had to be separated in brown paper bags which were not returned. About a year ago, the city offered big containers and it didn't have to be separated. I know we recycle far more because there are far more items. I think we fill it up and there is less garbage.

As for our garbage, it would be kind of boring...usually bread wrappers and peelings.

Well, I've digressed here. Sorry. We live on a cul-d-sac and not much goes on here so I don't need binoculars, but I certainly have the nosiness gene! I'm not planning on moving, so I'll have to settle for checking out the open garbage cans and recycling bins.

4 Responses to “Yikes...I've become my mother!”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I also like to look at what people have in their grocery carts!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I guess you could just call it observant. I tend to be that way a bit myself. No binoculars though!

  3. laura Says:

    I volunteer with our school's Scrips/Manna program of prepaid gift cards which a percentage going toward a school fee. Talk about being a voyeur! It is interesting to see how much money people spend monthly: like $200 at Pet Smart?! (My whole family of 7 + dog + turtle + frog + 2 fish live on approximately $600 a month)! And the monthly $150 Mario Tricoci expenses! We frequent Great Clips, usually when they have a $6.99 sale going on! But, not really my business Smile

  4. baselle Says:

    I was just going to write EXACTLY what CB wrote. These days its not hard to be nosy; whereever there are people there are things to observe.

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