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Retro spices

September 30th, 2012 at 07:51 pm

Our local humane society had a huge "garage" sale over the weekend. It is in an area called Progress City near our local community college. We thought it would be nice to support the humane society because the funds would go to help those folks pay for neutering if they can't afford it.

One downfall is they did not have the sale place marked clearly. There was another building that said they were having a sale. We got in there and it was basically a disappointment. Three people set up and we realized then this wasn't the humane society was individuals. But, I did score a retro spice rack that was complete.

We brought it home and I washed it and let it air dry overnight. When I was washing it, I thought it was interesting that the spices listed are not the ones I often use a lot of. We aren't into major spicy, so cayenne pepper isn't at the top of our list. Then there was cloves. In fact, there were cloves in it. Not sure how old they were and the set was pretty dirty, so I wasn't keeping them.

I wonder if cooking has changed since the 50s...that when I think this set came out. I bought it because it was alumnimum, seemed to be complete...except there were two paprika so I'm sure there is something else that should have been there...but are we using many different spices?

I know I use far more than my mom ever did. I always chuckle when I think of the things in her cabinet she had for spices...more than a year old? You betcha. So, I kind of wonder if we got a lot of flavor out of some of them...I think most things were over a decade was too expensive to replace every year if you didn't use much of it.

My set set me back $2 and some elbow grease in washing it. I thought the aluminimum would go well with my stainless appliances.

6 Responses to “Retro spices”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    I love it and for $2 it's a steal!!!

  2. littlegopher Says:

    I use many of my mom's and grandma's baking recipes, especially at the holidays, so I do use nutmeg, ginger, ground cloves, and cinnamon pretty regular. For the allspice, I do the substitution of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, so don't keep it separate. I also use whole cloves poked into my ham (like mom did.)

    Paprika never seemed to have much taste to me (probably because my mom kept it for years Smile but mom did use it for color for the top of savory foods, like a hot dish or potato salad - such were the times! I can't imagine liking it so much to have two containers, but maybe they used it and had fresher offerings!

    A fun set, and good for 'spicing' up the memories Smile

  3. Blessed Says:

    I really like that set! I use a ridiculous amount of spices. I have three two foot long wall mounted spice racks. Most of them are the shorter bottles. We have a bulk store where you can buy just the amount you want in a little bag. I just refill the old jars. I think you got a really good deal for $2!

  4. Looking Forward Says:


  5. Jerry Says:

    That is a really cool set, and you can't beat it for two bucks! No idea why there would be two paprikas, but maybe that will lead you to have a hotter paprika in one, and a milder in the other, or something. Smile You definitely have some insurance that it will look great in your stainless kitchen. Nice find!

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

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