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Enough Already!

October 2nd, 2012 at 02:30 am

As if the ongoing drone of political ads aren't bad enough, I'm tired of answering the doorbell.

Let me warn you, this is a rant.

Seems the doorbell has rung 3 times at 7:10 in the past three weeks...twice it was the neighbor kids doing fundraisers for their school. Two different fundraisers, I might add. Then, the mother sends over an invitation to one of those parties where you are guilted into buying their product.

Last week it was another child selling a third type fundraiser for their school district. This one was earlier.

I get it that schools need money. I live in a different district than I work, although I'm only about 4 blocks away. My own school has had a fundraiser. Read this: "a" as in one. Single. This district has had 3 since they started school.

I'm the bad guy. After DH funded all three, I told him that was enough. We've given enough for right now.

Part of me is irked at the neighbor. Two of the three kids were hers. She is always hitting us up for something. Yet to hear her tell it, they are broke and can't buy anything. But, she doesn't think anything about sending her kids over to guilt us into buying stuff. I'm polite and kind to the kids, but when is enough enough?

I think the flyer to the stupid party was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I like to support local business owners and such, but attending one of these parties isn't my idea of a good time. And for a family that complains they are broke, owning a boat, two cars, the biggest house on the block and having a multitude of Halloween decorations (lights and all) out, isn't exactly broke. She has come over to visit in my yard with booze on her breath. And every Christmas she has the extravaganza of Christmas lights and blow ups and music and stuff. I don't really feel it is my responsibility to finance her lifestyle by attending one of her parties.

I just emailed her a nice response saying I couldn't make the party. I was polite and didn't comment.

As for the doorbell, I hope it doesn't ring for awhile!

11 Responses to “Enough Already!”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I live in the back of a cul-de-sac..actually a driveway at the end of the culdesac goes back to two houses, mine and another elderly couple. You cant see them from the street. I love that we miss so many of the sales rings...dont miss them one bit back here. Can you put up a 'no solicitation' sign?

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Isn't it frustrating? I'll trade your doorbell for my phone and cell each ringing 8-10 times in the mornings, with a rash of the same in the evenings.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Eh...not getting the doorbell ringing for sales, but we have had magazine sales come home for one school (I renewed the one magazine I get). And now we are fundraising for the music association with wreath and candy sales. Our children are in the program and we do have a great program and facilities...I don't mind helping out when it does benefit our family. The rest is definitely optional. If I don't know the child and even if I do, I ALWAYS know that it is in my right to say no and be polite.

    I've taught my children that the items in fundraisers are very high priced and that it is our right to refuse to buy. A donation is generally a better deal for all sides.

  4. Wino Says:

    I'll trade you for my local cell phone. The number belonged to an ex real-estate agent, and I get at least one call and one text every day (for about 9 months now) for me to come to some get-together, or to do something real estate related. I've gotten somewhat rude on occasion when I notice a number call multiple times. What I really hate, though, are the text messages from names (not numbers) that I cannot respond to. One company, in particular, sends me at least one text a week, and there's no way I can stop them.

  5. My English Castle Says:

    I'd put a sign on the door--no calls before 8. Nothing except coffee should be purchased before then.

  6. marvholly Says:

    Real simple solution. Here is what I do:
    I do NOT ever answer the door if I am not expecting someone, even when my car is parked right out front.

  7. Blessed Says:

    We are getting hit by the kids fundraisers also. I only support the kids I am personally close with unless it is a candy bar, bake sale, car wash sale etc. My friends son is selling spendy goods that I don't need. I found out they get 40% of the sale. I told him I'd donate $10 to the band trip instead of buying $10 tissue paper! It is more that he would have gotten had I purchased since he only got 40% of the $10 sale.

    I have totally boycotted the come buy my junk parties. Unless it is something you really want the only one that benefits big from these parties is the hostess with all the freebies they get. They should call they " come buy stuff so I can get free stuff parties!"

  8. Nika Says:

    I hate those types of fund raisers when they try to sell you an extremely overpriced junk food or just junk. It would be more honest if they just asked you for $15, instead of selling you a $5 candle for $20. This is school-sanctioned begging, thinly veiled. I don't think it teaches kids any valuable lesson either. People are obligated to buy those things, it is not like kids are these great salespeople or they are supplying for this great Yankee Candle demand... and it is mostly parents that do it anyway.

    I wish they would raise money the other way. I and would rather give the cash to my kid than make him peddle junk nobody wants by quilting people into buying it.

  9. SicilyYoder Says:

    I had a political person come to my door, but she was campaigning for a former speech teacher of mine, and although I've leaned toward the Mennonite way of life and don't vote, I told her that she could put the sign in my yard.

  10. Personal Finance Student Says:

    I have a personal rule to avoid all "parties" too. The one time I broke it 3 years ago (a really good friend hosted it), I really regretted it and ended up with a $10 egg slicer. Walmart's $3 egg slicer would have been just as good for me.

    I also hate all the silly fundraisers kid's have to do. When my son was in school, we planned to ask each grandparent once per year and we donated too. We had him in school for only one semester and there were about 7 fundraisers! Most were things like pizza night (buy a pizza from the local restaurant), skate party night, pay $2 to wear PJs to school, Scholastic Book sale (I would never have spent $5 on the book he picked, but felt I had to send some money so he wasn't the only kid in class without money to spend!), school photos (that look awful and cost a fortune and are now taken TWICE a year), yearbooks (even in elementary school), etc. Now that we homeschool, I don't have to deal with it and I am SO glad.

    I feel for you. I hope it gets better.

  11. rob62521 Says:

    Personal Finance Student -- I broke my own rule last year because a gal at church was having one of those kitchenware parties and the ladies of the congregation were asked to help out. I wound up buying three wooden spatulas and a couple of little items and the lady who let the gal host it at her house when she called to tell me it was in (not the gal who sold the stuff) was kind of snotty when she informed me my "small bag of items" was here. I wanted to tell her that my kitchen is pretty well complete and when I buy stuff, I often go for used and more reasonably priced, but held my tongue.

    Thanks for the validation, everyone!

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