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Fact or Fiction?

March 18th, 2013 at 02:52 am

We were watching HGTV today and a rerun of the Love It or List it was on. The designer was given $15,000 to put in a bathroom, male two rooms, update a kitchen and do a few other things. We thought that was a low figure for all that work. Well, they didn't get the bathroom or updated kitchen and had to fix some structural problems. We just looked at each other and said how could someone even claim to try and do the original work for such a low price and not reuse stuff?

It amazes me how these home improvement shows love to tear out stuff and tear it up. Years ago when we bought new kitchen cabinets, the contractor removed the others and our neighbor took them for his garage.

I have sort of ruined the Love It program for DH...I pointed out the predictable turn of events....the homeowners give the laundry list of what they want remodeled, and all the things they want in a new house....the hosts always say they can work these miracles, then say later there isn't enough money for the remodeling or the new house. The homeowners hate the decorator and get snarky, and they hate the first two houses, but love the third one shown. I kind of wonder how much of the conversations are scripts and if the story line is written ahead if time and the viewer just thinks these things are happening. Guess I am skeptical.

2 Responses to “Fact or Fiction?”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    I personally am a huge fan of love it or list it, but I sometimes question the design decisions-- like ripping out perfectly good flooring, etc. I think some of the work could be done for less, but there would have to be some concessions and the end result might not be so "wow!"

    I've known several interior designers, and they operate in a world of rip out and replace, and possibilities. They don't usually think about reuse or refinishing--sadly!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Thrift, I am happy to learn I am not alone on seeing usable things being torn out.

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