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Booth update

June 21st, 2013 at 10:35 pm

We checked in on our booth and we have made enough to cover the booth rent for this month and a little besides! Yay!

I have decided it is a game...what can we buy that truly interests others? DH is having to learn that just because he likes something, doesn't mean a lot of others do. I bought a couple trinkets that he questioned me on last week. I put them in the booth and they both sold over the weekend. It was luck, shot and simple, but it wasn't something I would particularly like for myself. So, it is learning to think beyond my own likes and dislikes.

9 Responses to “Booth update”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    Congratulations! Smile

  2. Maranatha Says:

    When I owned an antique shop and also sold collectable glass and pottery I went by instinct. I did do alot of research and read alot of books to on depression glass and whatever else I was trying to sell. I once sold a rookwood pottery vase for 18 dollars, it was worth thousands. After that I tried my best to ideentify my item if at all possible.

  3. Elle Says:

    Glad the booth is a success so far! Your comment about having to look beyond your own tastes is really interesting. I think I would find that really hard, which means I probably wouldn't be very good at it. But it sounds like your able to do so and be cognizant of it!

  4. Elle Says:

    Oops. You're not your.

  5. PatientSaver Says:

    I guess I missed an earlier thread on this....what is your purpose in doing it to make money or just because you enjoy doing this? It would seem you could wait a long time before a buyer comes along for a particular item. Your sales hinge on who happens to come along, and if something you've got in your booth appeals to their particular taste. Seems like a bit of a crap shoot. Please forgive my bluntness. I hope you'll prove me wrong.

    Also, if you factor in your time spent searching for things to buy for resale and then factor that into your gross sales, your profit will probably turn out to be very little, especially when you're not selling big ticket items. Meanwhile, you've got to pay your monthly rent month in and month out, regardless of your sales, so you've got that pressure to be constantly attending to finding things to sell if you really want to treat it like a business. In that sense, having your own tag sales a few times a year would be better because you wouldn't be paying "rent" to someone else for the space. The traffic at the booth location would have to be really good to justify that additional cost.

    I know this is probably not what you want to hear. I like to be supportive as often as possible on SA, but I also like to think that people want your honest opinion on various topics. So, just my .02 which you can of course ignore.

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Patient Saver, our purpose is more of a hobby. We like going to flea markets end thrift shops so this gives us something to look for. All the things you brought up are exactly right. We chose a place with reasonable booth rent that goes month by contract. We also set up a deadline for ourselves that if we consistently lose money by a certain time, we stop,and donate the stuff for a tax write off.

    The two sale might work where you are, but where we live, unless the whole subdivision is having a sale, people won't come out. We tried it.

    Thanks for your realistic view.

  7. My English Castle Says:

    I hope my favorite cake dome found a home!

  8. PatientSaver Says:

    I understand. It sounds like you are realistic about it. It would be great if you could make a hobby/personal interest into something that turned over a little cash for you.

    I have a friend who buys and then resells stuff on eBay. I was surprised when she said she never goes to flea markets anymore because everyone wants too much.

    You often hear of someone getting some rare find at a tag sale for a song and then learning it's worth thousands of dollars. Around here, everyone is so well educated, thanks to shows like Antiques Roadshow and Pickers, that would never happen. People often want real money for things like those glass jars you get with delivered flowers, or old clothing that should probably be tossed.

  9. rob62521 Says:

    My English Castle, it did! :-)

    Marantha...I try to look up stuff, but still put lower prices because our economy won't bear it.

    Patient Saver...I think most of the folks at flea markets watch the same programs ...

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