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Splendid Sunday

June 23rd, 2013 at 09:43 pm

It's a pretty day here in the Central Illinois. I guess there is a 50% chance of rain, but right now, it is just lovely.

DH is a good gardener and the past few years he has grown herbs. I asked him if he would be willing to try peppermint. I thought it was would be good for flavoring water and tea. He has and it is. It is a refreshing water on a warm day. Last summer I dried a lot of herbs to use during the winter and I hope to do the same. A couple of weeks ago we visited a friend and took some fresh herbs to him; he was amazed and pleased to get them because in the grocery store, they are quite pricey.

Speaking of herbs, I've been making a lot of no knead bread and changing it by using different herbs and adding either rye or whole wheat flour. It is wonderful to enjoy and far cheaper than the price of artisan breads at the store or at restaurants. I told someone that I could bake a loaf for a lot less than the $3.50 to $5 being priced and they were shocked.

While DH went for a walk, I got out some paint and did some touchups to some of the walls. It was one of those projects where you plan to do it and then it doesn't get done. The paint has been put up and the brush cleaned and the biggest hassle was getting the top off the paint can, but I finally succeeded.

It's almost time to begin fixing supper. We are having sloppy joes made with ground chicken so I call them sloppy chicks. We will get at least two meals from this mix. Fortunately DH doesn't get tired of it.

It has been a nice Sunday so, brunch at home...getting some projects was your Sunday?

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