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Planning and stocking up

August 23rd, 2014 at 09:15 pm

One of the local grocery stores had a penny pincher booklet earlier this month. They had coupons on stuff that went beyond the regular sale price. On three of them, if you used your loyalty card, spent $20 overall, and used one of these coupons on the advertised item, you could receive another print out for 10% off your total grocery bill later on in the month, excluding alcohol and cigarettes. Not too bad of a deal.

So, DH and I went through the ad last night since this was the week the 10% ticket was good for. We made a list and I pulled coupons for stuff. We did a little stocking up on things we normally buy anyway, but with the coupons and the 10% off, we felt we had a good deal.

Last night we hit Kroger's and Walgreens for some of their loss leaders and he went to Aldi yesterday morning for our usual shopping. I like the idea of having a full pantry and getting bargains besides.

Today after our little stock up run, I reorganized the pantry and put the new stuff in. It is crowded, but I can at least see things.

Someone posted on Facebook a photo of a wall of canned goods from someone's garden. I will admit it, I drooled. Someday I hope to be adept enough at canning and have the produce to do that.

Besides the house we have shelves in the garage where we keep some of our things. I'm getting quite a collection of things that we bought on sale or had a deal. Nothing like Extreme Couponing and their stockpile, but it makes it nice to have things on hand so I don't have to buy some of the same things every week.

A gal I used to work with used to go the store before every meal. I wonder if she still does that with three kids and a full time job. I tried to convince her she needs to look at the grocery ads and plan her shopping that way and and if something nonperishable is on sale this week, buy a couple of extra so you have them instead of paying full price next week or the week after. She thought I was nuts. I wonder if she has changed her ways.

Where do you store your extra things?

7 Responses to “Planning and stocking up”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I store paper goods in the coat closet by my kitchen. Some toiletries are in the linen closet by my daughter's bathroom, and some our in our bathroom in a drawer. Food stores I can usually find a place in our cupboards.

  2. frugalredhead Says:

    The cabinet under the sink in my kids' bathroom is loaded with laundry detergent from a great sale that CVS had a while back. We weren't using it for anything else, so I figured 30 bottles of laundry detergent would make it feel more useful Wink

  3. Joan.of.theArch Says:

    Our living room is covered with bins of tomatoes (461 lbs so far) as well as dozens of jars of tomato juice, green beans, and wild greens. I have not been able to vacuum in there for a month. I have new insight into why farm houses were so big. I started placing the jars onto three sturdy library carts that will hold 180 quart jars. If we need space after that I'll have to assemble a commercial shelf. All this will be in the basement.

  4. Ima saver Says:

    My husband always builds in a large walk in pantry in every house, so I have lots of storage space.

  5. My English Castle Says:

    Our house has a canned good shelving system in the basement. And we added some more to store large rarely used kitchen appliances like the electric griddle, larger slow cooker, etc. But now I want to burglarize Joan's tomato stockpile.

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    MEC, a joke on Prairie Home Companion is that summer church visitors are apt to have their cars broken into and filled with bags of zucchini. I'm beginning to understand the mindset.

    "Chet-teh-chet-teh-chet-teh!" That's the pressure canner running now.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    I agree My English Castle...Joan is awesome!

    Love the zucchini joke too!

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