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Etc., Etc., Etc.

January 25th, 2015 at 08:12 pm

Remember the movie "The King and I" where the king learns all about Etc.! Well, that's sort of my thinking today...this and that and etc.

Paid some bills, balanced the checkbook, and guess I'm ready for another week. We had an unexpected expense in the last month. Our garage door spring broke. Neither of us are handy so we had to pay to have it replaced. Believe me when I tell you, it would have cost more in medical bills if we had even attempted it. But, fortunately we have the money to do so.

A planned expense was some home repairs. Seems our exhaust fans in our bathrooms were never vented outside. So, the humidity was sent to the attic. This caused problems with this so we had to have the attic treated and then pay someone to have the fans vented outside. Our next step is to get more insulation both in the attic and in the crawl space. We had an energy audit last fall and these were things he suggested. Part of having a house is keeping things up, but it is never easy. Besides the expenditures, it is always a challenge to get someone out to work on stuff. I don't get it. Our little city is still having big unemployment so lots of folks are putting off having things done so you'd think it would be easier to get folks out to do work. In a word, no. I call and leave messages and no one returns the call. It is frustrating. It's not like we don't pay them. Oh, well. The first stage is taken care of and onto the next.

We went to church and came home and fixed brunch. After brunch I went to work on chopping vegetables for three different meals this week: pork loin roast, sloppy chicks, and Italian Wedding Soup. The pork loin will actually be two meals because we always have leftover meat and vegetables. It is easier to chop everything at one time so that worked out. So, in about an hour, I have the legwork done. Not bad. I teased my husband that I'd have more time to read and goof off if I didn't cook so much and perhaps we could eat out every night. Fortunately he knows I was kidding because I'm cheap and I like knowing what we are eating.

A friend at church gave me some cooking magazines she didn't want. I'm looking forward to perusing them after awhile and then will pass them on.

Hope your Sunday is wonderful.

3 Responses to “Etc., Etc., Etc.”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    You are so right, maintaining a house never stops! It's always nice to see the finished product though.

  2. snafu Says:

    The only people who can adjust, repair or replace garage door springs are the guys who are trained and know how. That is not a DIY job, those things are powerful and the wrong move can cause serious injury or worse. So scary dangerous. Someone told me that I needed to set aside 1 % of the value of my house [now condo] to pay for the endless maintenance and a few upgrades over time.

    I don't know how long you've had your current house but your building inspector outdoor should have caught thee fact that the bathrm fans were not vented outdoors. Did he fail to report the R value of attic and crawl space insulation? Are these up to code for the year of the house? Some of these guys are real rip offs and I hope buyers are now printing inspection lists from internet and asking for very specific information. The worst homes seem to be those with additions that never had a permit and never passed a district inspector.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Snafu, we've been here 17 years and back then, to buy a house, there was an inspector who claimed everything was a-OK. I'm just glad we didn't have as much go wrong as we could have. Thanks for the validation on the hiring of the garage door spring and I think setting aside 1% is an excellent idea. You are very wise!

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