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Busy few weeks

September 27th, 2015 at 07:12 pm

School has kept me very busy. We had assessments and deadlines to hit. Of course with that comes stress and as I call it, "woman drama." One unfortunate thing about working in a profession of mostly women is we sometimes don't get along and tend to hold grudges. Sometimes I need a score card to keep up with who isn't getting along.

We've had some things break around here. Yesterday we purchased new heads for DH's shaver and wouldn't you know it after we put them in, his first attempt to use it, another part broke. I pulled a drawer out on our Hoosier cabinet Friday and the front of the drawer separated and splintered from the drawer. And the list goes on. Nothing major, but annoying.

Today is DH's birthday. We actually celebrated last night with dinner out and a movie. DH had a gift certificate for a local theatre and we used it, plus he had the senior discount. We saw "The Intern" and it brought up some thoughts.

I don't want to ruin it for anyone who wants to watch it, but what I will write about one can see on the trailer. A 70 year old becomes an intern for an up and coming business and sticks out with his suit and manners and work ethic. Although it was written to be humorous for the movie, I think it has become a sad commentary on many work places.

I work in an educational setting. I remember my teachers being dressed nicely and acting professionally. I have tried to dress decently and act like I have some sense. But, I'm not seeing that as much anymore. And it isn't just an age thing. I'm seeing teachers who look like they threw on what they are wearing from the laundry basket. A work ethic is non-existent, and anything goes when it comes to conversation. I admit I have a potty mouth at times, but never at school or at church. I try to act like I have some sense most of the time. I try to give my employer my best work and often "donate" time (I don't get paid by the hour) to get things accomplished. It is just discouraging.

Back to better things. I baked a cake for DH's birthday and made soup for our supper. DH loves soup so that was a win and he certainly loves cake. I'm blessed to have a wonderful spouse and a nice home. So, instead of grousing, I should be thinking how fortunate I am. And being busy shows I have something to do.

2 Responses to “Busy few weeks”

  1. snafu Says:

    I too have lots of needed replacements. After 1st snow we'll need to change out to winter tires but this year we'll be watching prices as summer tires will need to be replaced. Sometimes I can catch a deal when a tire supplier takes standard tires on a new vehicle from a purchaser who needs/wants 'high performance' ties.

    We need to replace kitchen chairs and the accent chair in the living room has gone past 'shabby chic' status to downright shabby. My list of small replacement items gets longer each day and my motivation is lower. Today I had to replace the lightbulb in the difficult to manage kitchen light fixture. Has it been 5 years? Why did only one of 3 CFL in fixture fail?

  2. Elle [is for Lemon] Says:

    My DH and I watched the Intern while on a mini-vacay last week. I thought the entire movie was simply charming (aside from that one part). Smile As of late, we've also been watching a lot of Boardwalk Empire... an HBO series about prohibition - back when gentlemen dressed in three piece suits for every occasion. You just don't see it anymore. Sadly, I work from home (sadly? semi-sadly), so I have no real reason to get dressed or put forth the effort. And that makes me feel blah. So, I try.

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