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It's Easier to Complain

September 6th, 2015 at 10:54 pm

It is easier to complain than to do something.

OK, that isn't a novel idea, is it? Personally, I'm just about fed up with the whining and complaining of some of the people who call themselves friends. Maybe it is because I'm just tired. Between work and home, I've been very busy and with the extreme hot temperatures, my patience is thin.

Every time we see one couple, they have to go into great detail about their illnesses. Even when we receive an email it is a laundry list of this and that. The gentleman tends to exaggerate his is like when he is tested for cancer, he wants to have cancer. If a doctor says something could turn into cancer, he brags he is a cancer survivor. I think it is ridiculous; we have friends who are cancer survivors who fought bravely and some lost the battle. I think his is more attention seeking. As we age, I know our bodies start breaking down. I am not denying that, but some of the problems they have could be prevented by making other choices. They, of course, do not want to hear that. I wish I could find a nice way to say I don't want graphic details of their health issues. There is another couple we associate with that if she doesn't turn the conversation to how much she hurts, she must consider it a waste of a conversation. I no longer ask these people how they are because I don't want to hear more details than I can handle. Yet they persist in telling me. So, I have the struggle of being a friend and listening yet inside I'm screaming, "Noooo. Don't tell me anymore!"

This is the same with with money issues. One couple always complains they have studied their budget and they need to save money. So, they use coupons when they eat out. Of course they eat out every day. It has gotten to the point it is embarrassing to eat with them because they want to use a coupon and press the server in letting them use it even if they don't follow the standards the coupon states. I don't mind the use of coupons -- I just don't like people to try and cheat by using them. If I suggest they eat at home, I get excuses on why they need to eat out.

We know this other family that is always complaining they need more money -- she left for the weekend to go to a party in Chicago. Meanwhile they need some major home repairs and she will soon be whining about that. Her justification is she needed to get away and be with the girls.

For so many, Facebook has become Whinebook.

OK, rant over. Thanks for reading. sorry I whined.

In other news I have been figuring out new ways to use bell peppers. DH planted just a few plants, but have they gone to town. What a great problem to have, right? Supper tonight is sweet pepper and tomato soup. Last night I made sweet pepper jelly (found the recipe on Pinterest) and we will be having it over cream cheese and having crackers. We have shared some of the peppers with friends too.

My pantry is filling up. I canned one quart and two half pints of tomato juice last night, as well as having some of the juice for our soup tonight. Last weekend I canned 3 quarts of sweet pickles -- I gave one quart to the lady who shared the cucumbers with me.

One of the local stores had quite a flyer out on sale items. We bought quite a few things to stock the pantry on things we normally buy. I spent a couple evenings last week inventorying what I already had and then matching coupons to stuff on sale.

No school tomorrow so that is a wonderful holiday to look forward to. Plus, the stock market won't be open which the way it has been dropping, that might be a good thing.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

12 Responses to “It's Easier to Complain”

  1. Dido Says:

    Yes, it IS easier to complain! And sometimes all of us need to vent. Because sometimes really bad stuff DOES happen, stuff that is not the person's fault, but just happening to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or having the wrong genes. But it is when people *continually* see themselves as the victims of circumstance that I get fed up. It's not what happens to people, it's how they react to what happens, that counts. Bad stuff happens to everyone. But some see themselves as victims of circumstance; others as survivors. I have a survivor mentality and the victim mentality really grates on me, especially when it is repeated--I think we all have our "pity parties," it's when that is the ONLY reaction that I get annoyed!

  2. Buendia Says:

    I got caught in the middle of two people complaining about EACH OTHER! One would come to me and then the other - aaaagh! I kept saying "well, I think so-and-so is a good person; it sounds like a misunderstanding" to both of them. And eventually they stopped coming to me! There should be a complaining-ban!

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    Bell pepper ideas: veggie fajitas, stuffed peppers, roasted red peppers (go great on portabello sandwiches), red pepper pasta sauce (like this http://, Chinese pepper steak (http:// www Too many peppers is a great problem to have! Big Grin

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Yeah, complaining is never fun to listen to - especially when the person COULD do something about it, but won't.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Ceejay, thanks for FB recipes. I am checking them out.

    DH liked the soup I fixed. Easy Sunday supper.

  6. My English Castle Says:

    Nice idea,s ceejay. I wish I had more peppers and fewer zukes.

  7. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    You deserve to complain and sometimes real life when you can tell people to shut up, you have to do it cyber. LOL that's what it's here for.

  8. VS_ozgirl Says:

    It is hard when people are so consumed with what is going wrong and don't look at ways to fix/improve their situation - especially when you are someone who focuses on improving your own situation (you and a lot of other people on this site). I just find that I only have so much energy because people like that are so far off my wavelength it's not funny. I think I also only have so much energy for it because I don't want to be on their wavelength either. Keep on doing the good things you are doing and let their whining be in one ear and out the other Smile

  9. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Well, when it comes to health matters that come on as you age, I kind of wish my own elders might have said a bit more, as I have been a little caught by surprise by all the things that can go wrong, and at how early they actually can begin. The older people in my life have been pretty quiet about their maladies. Maybe your health complainers haven't realized that health problems don't make them unique. But they may be looking for a Special Badge of Courageous Suffering.

  10. rob62521 Says:

    I'm sure they would wear that badge proudly, Joan. And then want to figure out a way to earn a ribbon too. LOL

  11. CB in the City Says:

    Two observations about peppers: I find it easier to make a pepper skillet dish rather than stuffed peppers -- use the same recipe, but cut up the peppers into chunks and sauté them in the meat sauce. You can freeze leftovers. Secondly, I recently had too many peppers. I chopped them up and sautéed them, and then froze them in an ice cube tray. When they were firm, I transferred the pepper cubes to a freezer bag. One cube is great to add to scrambled eggs, fried rice, quiche, etc.

  12. LuckyRobin Says:

    I freeze extra peppers all the time. I cut them into strips or diced and lay them out on a cookie sheet lined with freezer paper or waxed paper and then freeze. They don't need to be blanched. After two hours they can be put into a freezer bag and they won't stick together. Then when I need some in a stir-fry or an omelet or pizza, I just pull them out and cook from frozen. Works great and I almost never have to buy peppers in the winter at their most expensive.

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