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Showing respect

May 28th, 2017 at 06:35 pm

I had a chiropractor appointment this week. I hate being the grumpy old woman, but I do believe that is how he considered me after our conversation.

My appointment, the first of the afternoon, was at 2. DH and I try to get to places a bit early because you never know what could cause a delay. The chiropractor had a sign on a door that he would return and open up at 2. Another customer pulled into the parking lot and went to the door, tried it, saw the sign, and then walked back to her car. It was after 2 by this time.

At 2:15 this same lady got out of her car, went to the door again to try it (stilll locked) and came over and asked us if we were waiting for the chiropractor. We said yes and she asked when my appointment was. i told her 2 and she said hers was at 2:15. Then another fellow pulls up, and he rolls down the window and said the chiropractor had called him and said he was running a few minutes behind. The minutes tick by.

It was after 2:30 when he arrived. The last man left before the chiropractor came. He took the lady with the 2:15 appointment and got her situated, then had to answer the phone and finally he was ready to work with me. I told him I was very disappointed with his tardiness and since this hasn't been the first time, it was getting out of hand. He said he was sorry, but I find it hard to believe it won't happen again.

His personal life is getting in the way of his professional one. His girlfriend thinks nothing of delaying him. This time she needed him to change a flat tire. One time was because they were shopping. Another time he was late because he needed to clean up a baby after a diaper mishap. The list goes on.

It is sad because he is a great chiropractor. However, I think he is going to ruin what business he has. I had referred him to a friend of mine and I wondered why the friend after being treated and raving about him, suddenly didn't mention him again. Well, it seems he had an appointment and he didn't show up so my friend left after waiting for awhile. No call or text to explain.

I don't understand why folks who go into business for themselves do not realize that it is a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice of your personal time to make a go of it. The fellow I mentioned before did not come back while I was at the chiropractor. i wonder if he decided not to return at all. My chiropractor has commented how he needs more business. I'd say before he gets any more, he need to take care of the clients he has.

I certainly hope I won't have to find another chiropractor. Perhaps I'm old fashioned and believe that being late is showing disrespect for the other person's time. I realize there are times it cannot be helped, but when someone is consistently late, it makes you wonder why. I try to respect other people's time and hope they would do the same for me.

4 Responses to “Showing respect”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I have issues with my chiropractor and his constant vacation taking. He only works 4 3 hour days as it is. It is frustrating to me because I rely on regular adjustments to be able to walk. The only reason we stay is his family plan is so reasonable compared to what else is available.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    It is absolutely disrespectful to be late for your patients!

    I once had a therapist that I was seeing and after driving 20 minutes to get there for an appointment, her door is locked. I turned around and went home again. Turns out her daughter's basement was flooded and she was helping. Apparently she didn't think to call me.

    Same thing happened a second time. I forget the reason wy.

    She was a super nice person, but after it happened a third time, I didn't go back. Some people just don't get it.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Some people don't get it. But I wouldn't keep going if this is more than a one time thing. I would also let them know why I was leaving, although they may not get it still.

  4. Kaycee Fisher Says:

    Unless he's an OBGYN (which clearly he isn't) there is no excuse for his boorish behavior. EVER.

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