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Keeping Busy

October 7th, 2017 at 08:54 pm

It seems that DH and I keep pretty busy.

Today we attended an estate sale. Pretty ritzy place and pretty nice stuff. I scored a pair of leather insulated gloves for $2, 4 chair cushions for dining room chairs for $16, and an embroidered hand quilted quilt (queen size) for $30. I have a pair of gloves like these, but I often forget to move them to my dress up coat and wind up in my dress up coat with no gloves. The chair cushions were far nicer than the ones I normally buy and although I didn't need them, I thought they would be nice to have. As for the quilt, again, not a need, but it is lovely and I use the quilts I own.

A put a Facebook post asking if anyone had baby food jars with lids. I guess I never noticed that most baby food doesn't come in glass jars anymore. Well, someone contacted me and had 22 of them and I picked them up. I felt very fortunate to have gotten them. I spent a lot of time trying to get the sticky glue from the labels off. That stuff should be used to glue anything you never want to come apart. Sheesh. But, the jars and lids are clean. I'm going to put candy corn in them, glue a green ribbon along the rim of the lid and have kids glue black construction paper faces on them to look like miniature jack-o-lanterns.

Yesterday we hit the thrift stores and I found a lot of great yarn. There are certain types i like to use when making the hats for the school kids. One place had just put out a bunch of it in colors I thought the kids would like. We bought 9 skeins of yarn for around $18. All of it still had the labels on it, so felt that was a good deal.

I'm getting really tired of the mailing and phone calls from many of the places wanting donations. One is a university that calls about every day. I earned my master's degree from it. I received no financial aid, I paid the money out of our savings for the classes, and had to pay an athletic fee on top of it. I thought that was a rip off...I attended class either one evening a week or twice a week during the summer and drove 45 miles one way to attend...I wasn't planning on taking advantage of the athletics. Well, I guess I"m a cheapskate, but I'm not planning on giving them a donation. I've told them that on the phone before, yet they still keep calling. I have more address labels and calendars than I know what to do with from these organizations that send them. I don't give them money, so I don't know why they keep sending them. I usually save the calendars and give them to a primary teacher. She uses them as rewards for her kids who can recite the calendar months.

Aldi had apples on sale so I bought a bunch and made applesauce and apple juice to add to the pantry. A friend gave me some apple butter she made so I gave her a jar of tomato preserves.

DH's garden is still going strong. He brought in 4 huge bell peppers yesterday. I will be using some of them to make bell pepper soup. I make a large pot and then we eat some and I freeze the rest.

I'm attaching photos of some of the canning I've done so far and my husband with the peppers he brought in.

Hope the weekend is going well for everyone.

7 Responses to “Keeping Busy”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Have you specifically asked to be taken off the call list? At the college where I worked, many were coded DO NOT CALL. If you just say you don't want to donate, they will keep you on the list in hopes that you will change your mind down the road.

    Also, you might have to tell them several times, because, at a university especially, the calls may come from different departments and thus different lists. You might be off one list but on another. Just keep saying "Put me on the DO NOT CALL list."

  2. Butterscotch Says:

    Your husband is adorable! And those are HUGE peppers!

  3. Amber Says:

    I never knew baby food was no longer in a jar as well. I love the idea of creating Jack-O-Lanterns with them.

    As far as the calls, I've just blocked them. I receive a ton of calls for donations from my alma mater.

  4. snafu Says:

    Depending on what you have at hand, surprising 'hacks' remove sticky glue residue from glass items. My favorite is WD 40 spray lubricant. DH's favorite is Bug spray, My friend reuses Mason jars for storage canisters and prefers adding a teaspoon of cooking oil or coconut oil in a small measure, applying with a small corner of a scrubber to the offending glue and it comes off easily.

  5. PatientSaver Says:

    I'm pretty sure at least some baby food is still sold in glass jars. Less than a year ago I was buying baby food for Waldo when he wouldn't eat.

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Thanks, Butterscotch...I'm pretty fond of DH myself! Smile
    Snafu, thanks for the suggestions.

    Appreciate everyone's comments.

  7. ceejay74 Says:

    Nice pictures and impressive stores of canned food! I'm glad you mentioned in your next entry, because I missed this one while out of town.

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