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I hate shopping

April 22nd, 2018 at 07:36 pm

It seems like I've been spending a lot lately. Well, more than seems. I have.

As I blogged before, we bought a new fridge and new freezer. We had the money so no biggie there.

Yesterday I bought clothes. A lot of clothes. And normally I wait for big mark downs, but I bought them anyway. The store is going out of business and although I supposedly got 20% off, I don't even know if that is true. But the reason I bought them is I struggle finding clothes that fit that aren't too young for me or too wild. At Christmas I picked out some clothes and DH bought them at this store -- they were on sale and they are conservative. I'm overweight and the last thing I want is something that is super wild or bright or shows more skin than I care to show. Lately, this is the only local store I have found clothes that fit that category. I don't go for huge wild patterns or neon colors. And I want stuff I can wash, not dry clean. I don't like buying stuff online because I want to try it on. So, I was trying to buy local, even if it was chain.

We used to watch "What Not to Wear" and every time they had an overweight gal on there, she would try to shop and wind up in tears. I felt her pain because that is often how I feel when clothes shopping.

So yesterday, I bought some slacks and some blouses. Mostly to fill in for the summer since so many of my summer outfits are worn.

I just hate clothes shopping. So, if I find something, I usually wear it until it is so disgustingly worn. I spent a lot of money. I normally feel really guilty over it, but not this time. I won't be buying clothes for a long time between what DH got me for Christmas and what I purchased yesterday. So, that is good.

As well as hating shopping, I also hate hemming. Being short means I hem just about every pair of pants. I was pontificating to my husband how unfair it is men can buy pants to basically match their inseam, but not so with women. It's funny -- I enjoy embroidery and cross stitch, but despise hemming. Go figure.

In other news, we are having vegetable soup I pulled from the freezer this morning and put in a Crockpot to heat. I really, really like our new freezer. It has a light and it is a little bigger so things are easier to see.

Last night I tried making shrimp and grits. I love this when we in Savannah and Charleston and I was thinking, this is silly. I can make this. And I did. I will admit the shrimp wasn't as good as the shrimp I had out there, but I think it was freshly caught shrimp and mine wasn't. But overall, it was pretty good. And I will try it again.

Back to normalcy around here and no more shopping for awhile!

7 Responses to “I hate shopping”

  1. Wink Says:

    I'm the same about clothes shopping. I usually only go twice a year, once in spring and once in fall to replace things that are worn out. And I try and stock up when I do have to go!

  2. Carol Says:

    I think you were smart to buy what you needed.I don't think we make good purchases when we are desperate. I know you can hem yourself but maybe you should treat yourself to getting the pants hemmed-- a birthday present??

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I hate clothes shopping, too, and that's why I buy at Goodwill whenever I see something that looks right. One really good thing about shopping at Goodwill is that already worn clothing is often already altered, too. I find lots of pants that are short enough. A lot of people are short. I don't know why the clothing manufacturers are so sure that everyone is long-legged.

  4. Buendia Says:

    I am with you on the clothes shopping! I am not overweight, but I end up in tears when I go shopping, too. Maybe because I'm short (5'-2")? I also hate hemming, and everything looks weird on me. I hate dressing room mirrors and it's so cramped in dressing rooms, and honestly I don't know how to dress myself at all (no style!). I wear leggings and a tshirt every day (long sleeved in teh winter and short sleeved in the summer) and I have a tiny wardrobe and a lot of it is worn or has that weird hole that I used to think was from wearing jeans but now I'm not sure. I would go to Goodwill (esp. since CB says some stuff already shortened!) but I am so bad at knowing what looks good on me that I am intimidated. We need to unite and make the clothing manufacturers take into account that they are dressing real people not supermodels!

  5. laura Says:

    My GW gets a lot of the left-overs from Target. I ended up there on 50% off of green tag day, and found a NWT black dress with some colorful (but not obnoxious) embroidery. I rounded up for a donation and spent $5.00. I wore it for a presentation that I needed to give for a Research Methodology class. I was really pleased with the price and quality.

    I'm a lot smaller now that I used to be and I can fit into my daughters' clothes; some I can actually wear (like sweaters and hoodies). That helps. However, I am the mother of a model who has a fashion sense (thanks to her collaboration with designers and stylists) so I am a bit further in the game than I used to be as far as dressing "current" and not "frump-a-dump."

  6. rob62521 Says:

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your comments.

    I would buy from thrift stores if I could find decent stuff. Most of the stuff that might fit me looks like the worn out stuff I already own or it is the wild stuff. I did find a shirt around Christmas time that I liked, but that is few and far between. I found a dress over a year ago that I was pretty happy about and I didn't have to hem it.

    I would be interested in hearing about your "Stitch Fix" experience, Trying to Get Ahead.

    As for having someone hem for me, I'm not even sure who does that around here. We have a store that offers that service if you purchase something, but their prices are ridiculous. I finished hemming yesterday so that's done.

    Anyway, I appreciate the supportive comments. We need to make the clothing industry listen to us that lovely women come in all sizes!

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I also hate clothes shopping. I don't know how to hem, so have to pay someone to do it if I need it.

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