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First of July

July 1st, 2018 at 08:45 pm

It's the first of the month and it means our pensions come in and so do the bills. The checking account was a bit thin this time because I paid the property taxes and DH also got new glasses. But, I'd rather have a smaller checking account than having to take from savings. I wanted to try and see if we could do our regular monthly bills as well as save a little in the checking ahead of time to pay the taxes and we did. It's a nice feeling that we are paid up and I didn't have to deduct from savings. It seems that when we take from savings it goes out faster than we can replenish it.

It's been incredibly hot and humid here and it makes us want to stay in a lot. We did do a little running yesterday just to get out and get moving. We hit an estate sale, a thrift shop, and a flea market. We had a good time looking, but purchased nothing. We didn't need anything and there wasn't a thing there that called our names.

DH is starting to get ripe cherry tomatoes. I've been purchasing them year round because we think his eating some at meals has helped his PSA scores. So hopefully this will be the last week we will have to purchase any for awhile. We did enjoy his first regular size ripe tomato last night for supper. There was one before it, but a chipmunk ate the bottom of it. We did wind up buying some netting to put around the tomato plants to try and keep the chipmunks away from them. He's used it in the past with success.

Yesterday I had some fabric pieces left over from some things I had worked on. I thought that maybe I could repurpose these pieces and I made two very simple small bags. I thought I could use them as gift bags. They aren't sturdy enough to carry anything. It got me to thinking about our reliance on plastic bags and plastic itself.

We take our own bags to the grocery stores and use them when we shop. When we go to the thrift stores, unless I buy a lot of stuff, I normally request they keep the bag. There was a story on the world news last night about a family in Illinois trying to live without plastic. Even then, they have to use some plastic because of the way some food items are packaged. But, they use metal cups, glass bottles, dishes, containers, etc. But, I thought, wow, I remember reading something that went around the Internet a few years ago about some lady at the checkout and the gal was talking about recycling saying that the older generation didn't know about recycling and then the lady commented about reusing stuff, drinking soda pop in bottles and paying a deposit and then returning the bottles, and things like that. I miss those glass bottles for stuff. I guess with everything, there's good and there's bad to it.

2 Responses to “First of July”

  1. Wink Says:

    It's very hot here too. 105 degrees with the heat index today! I'm staying in, too hot for me. I remember reading something a few years ago about a woman in New York who was trying to reduce her trash (not just plastic) to zero. It was very interesting.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I made myself take a trip to Walmart today (I needed some cactus potting mix) and the temp then was 92. Just awful.

    I don't like storing food in any kind of plastic, I stopped microwaving in plastic years ago (even so-called microwaveable-safe packaging) and while I do like to drink Bai in the summer, I pour all the drinks out of their plastic container into a glass half-gallon pitcher asap. They say you're drinking plastic when you drink from those bottled waters. Eech.

    A few years ago I also bought some reusable sandwich baggies, which are basically a cloth, rather than plastic.

    I have written to both the Bai company and Aldi's about plastic packaging but I doubt that's going to do much.

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