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November 11th, 2018 at 10:24 pm

I'm in a bad mood. Let me explain.

I know I shouldn't get so frustrated, but sometimes there are people at church who don't get it.

Every year our church does certain things like we put together Thanksgiving baskets for a local food pantry. And then for Christmas we do Christmas gifts for the food pantry to hand out. All good things. And we have generous members who help out.

Recently we have started helping out a local school. This fall with the approval of the board and the pastor we collected facial tissue and hand sanitizer and pencils to give them to start the year.

Then one of the members whose wife works at this school said they were starting a food pantry and asked if we could donate food for their pantry. And we did for a few months. Then the wife came and told the pastor another church was going to donate too and they agreed since we do a Christmas Bazaar with a major cookie walk, the Thanksgiving Baskets, and the Christmas gifts, we would not feel obligated to give lots of food to the pantry and let the other churches who agreed to cover these two months.

Today we were blindsided because the guy made an announcement without the approval of the pastor or the council wanting us to donate food since the other churches didn't step up.

I get that it is for a good cause. And I don't doubt that the families need it. But when does it stop? I don't like the way he said it to us, trying to guilt us into giving donations. I honestly think if he doesn't stop doing this, we are going to have donor fatigue.

Thanks for letting me grouse and complain. I know it won't solve the problem, but this is a safe outlet for me.

6 Responses to “Grousing”

  1. Smallsteps Says:

    I totally understand donor fatigue and this time of year it gets worse. It is especially annoying when others try to decide what causes I should support.

    I am bombarded with requests but after giving to worthwhile causes ( I carefully research), I often then am bombarded with mail, calls or emails from many other places.

    I used to work at a place and they supported 2 specific charities each year but as time went on new causes were added with new staff wanting their cause supported and it diluted any good we were doing in supporting 1 or 2 specific groups. If you can believe it we heard from original causes asking why our normal level of support was not kept up.
    I agree many could use the help and this time of year makes me upset as it NEVER seems like enough and the guilt push for the holidays is just starting.

  2. Wink Says:

    This same thing is happening at the college where I work. There are so many clubs and groups who are all collecting something for someone. And the college's annual giving drive is happening. I also understand that there are many who are in need and folks are just trying to help. But it does get a bit overwhelming and I feel bad having to draw a line and say I can't give or donate to your group. I also seem to get bombarded with requests from co-workers with kids who are selling cookies, or calendars, or raffle tickets! Your situation is a little different but I certainly do understand it!

  3. Jane Says:

    I agree Wink- I actually find it kind of rude when parents bring their children's fundraising stuff in to the workplace. It's weird to put other people on the spot to fund your child's extracurricular activities. When I was a kid my parents would donate some amount to the school and explain that we would not be allowed to bother our neighbors by selling things. It's awkward because they may feel obligated to spend money because a child was asking them for it. Also, most of those fundraising companies take a big cut off the top.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    We did take fundraisers to our work, but we ALWAYS said no one was obligated. Some people do like to buy this stuff, but most do not. One should never feel obligated to part with money or spending money on donations they don't feel comfortable with. But rob I can understand your irritation with the person who seems to think since the other churches didn't do a good enough job that suddenly your church should now pitch in. It should just stay how it is...and can be reconsidered for the following year.

  5. Carol Says:

    It's the guilting that drives you mad!
    Especially since you have no reason to feel guilty!

  6. CB in the City Says:

    Okay, I worked in fundraising for many years. So I do get where they are coming from. Everyone knows there is donor fatigue, and yet, if your organization or cause doesn't get its message across, it's the one that doesn't get funded. I don't know what the answer is. But you or anyone else should not feel guilt if you do not donate. Fundraisers are sending out feelers, and they do know that only a few will result in a gift. Give where it counts in your own heart.

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