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Go Away, Murphy!

April 2nd, 2019 at 08:13 pm

Murphy apparently thought we invited him for an extended stay. He can leave at any time. Nothing super major, but nothing minor either.

A few weeks ago DH noticed he has a low tire pressure. He thought it was from the constant temperature changes so he filled it up. But, it kept going down, slowly.

So, we made an appointment at a tire place to get it checked. I took it in since he had was supposed to volunteer at a class. The guy said the vehicle was done and it was $62 and some change. I asked incredulously "to fix a tire?" He said they didn't fix a tire, but changed the oil and rotated them. I was chagrined to say the least because we had just had the oil changed and tires rotated three weeks before and they should have noticed that when they went to put the sticker there. I said we didn't ask for that, but to check a tire. He asked did I still want them to check the tire? I wanted to make a snarky remark at this point, but held back and said that was the real reason we brought the vehicle in.

So what should have taken 30 minutes according to the original estimate appointment time was over 2 hours. He acted like he was doing me a favor for not charging me for anything, but I had news for him, I wasn't paying for the oil change and tire rotation since I didn't order it.

And the tire still has a leak. Grrr.

Then a couple of weeks ago my headlight burnt out and it cost over $450 to replace.

Now our 8 year old dishwasher has decided to leak. Not truly unexpected because we've read that appliances don't last long and 8-10 years is a typical lifespan and I use my dish washer a lot since we eat at home a lot. At least it didn't ruin the kitchen flooring.

So, for awhile I'm going to do all dishes by hand why we figure out our next step. I imagine a new one will be on the horizon. I can live without one, but it just didn't come at a good time. A lot of our normal expenses came due last month and this month like homeowner's insurance, car insurance, home health care insurance, and then I had a big bout with Vertigo. Couldn't see my doctor so had to see an Express Care and then do a follow up with my doctor. Fortunately, the Vertigo was short lived, but still an added expense.

I think Murphy has overstayed his welcome!

4 Responses to “Go Away, Murphy!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I hope Murphy has already left your realm!

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    Honestly, I would be looking for a different mechanic. This guy could be so absentminded that he forgot what the need was, or maybe he's just a scam artist. If you decided to keep him, would reminding him when you drop the car off of what the needed repair is help to job his memory?

  3. mumof2 Says:

    murphy visited us this weekend as well so hopefully he has moved on from the 2 of us and on to someone else...I wouldn't have paid for the tyre or oil change won't if someone got a new tire and not an oil change they asked for? I woud never use them again...I get vertigo along with my dizziness at the same time...I feel you it is the worst...glad it didn't last long

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Crazyliblady -- we only use this place for tire repair. We have never had an oil change or tire rotation there before. I noticed while sitting there that the manager was rude to most women who came in. Needless to say we will not return.

    Mumof2 -- sorry about your Vertigo. It is horrible.

    CCF -- Hope Murphy stays away from all of us!

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